Long Distance Relationships; A Survival Guide

Long distance relationships.
Some of us love ’em, some of us hate ’em, but we all probably have no choice. Sometimes you fall for someone who lives miles away and sometimes your partner has to be away for other reasons, it’s quite common and it happens to a lot of people.
I’ve got to say, I’m not a fan. I didn’t particularly choose this lifestyle, but sometimes things happen and ya just have to get on with it.
And that’s what I’ve been doing really, getting on with it.
But I do actually have a few tips to deal with LDRs a little better, so I thought I’d chat you through them in this post.
1. Chat Through Your Concerns/Boundaries/Schedules Before Hand
No, I don’t mean make rules. I mean that there might be certain aspects that are going to change when you go long distance, and it’s better just to air them and chat them through from the very start. And, by schedules, I don’t mean what you’re doing every hour of every day, I just mean your schedule to talk to each other. No, it doesn’t need to be set in stone. But, for example, I know that Zack will text me when he’s not busy at work,  but that sometimes it could take hours for him to reply. And I know that we FaceTime every 3-ish days. This is give or take depending on our plans etc, but it’s nice to not be waiting around every night wondering and to know roughly when I can expect a call.
2. Don’t Wind Yourself Up
I am the worst for this. If he’s active on instagram but hasn’t replied to me for 5 mins I get worried that I’ve said or done something wrong and that he’s upset with me. Yes, I know that I over think everything and, anxiety does play a part in this, but long distance can really heighten your emotions, so try to be understanding of each other. Communication is always the key to everything. Try to have adult conversations and just generally cut each other some slack, because it can be difficult sometimes.
3. Have An End Goal
Knowing when you’re going to see each other again and having that to look forward to really helps on those tougher days. Plus, counting down the days is exciting and making plans for the time that you have together is a great use of the time that you’re apart!
4. Try To Be Understanding With Yourself
Some days are going to be hard, but that’s okay. You shouldn’t really be together if you don’t miss each other after a while, it’s just human. But there may be a day when a 14 year old couple getting off with each other in Matalan makes you a bit sad. Not because you’re jealous or because you want a PDA sesh in Matalan, but just because it’s reminded you that the person that you love more than anyone else is 5,942.1 miles away (give or take a few) and that you really miss them. Go easy on yourself on those days, have a bath, do a face mask, take care of your well being.
5. Don’t Just Think Of It As A Limbo Period
I’m guilty of this, I have to admit. When Zack’s away, I tend to think of my life as a weird limbo period where I am just waiting for him to come back. But, it’s just not healthy. Your life is still your life, and living like a LDR zombie isn’t doing anyone any good; it’s just a waste of your time on earth. So continue as normal and try not to feel like you’re just waiting for them. Maybe try a new hobby or something to keep yourself motivated and occupied.
If you’re reading this and you are really struggling with a long distance relationship, as ever, my DMs are always open.
I hope you found this post helpful!
H x

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