Ahhh, this is such a touchy subject I hear you say. Yup, it really is. And I’m a little scared. But I’m gonna try and explain myself best I can, so here goes.
If you ask me if I’m a feminist, I will say yes. Of course I am. I am all for equality, and I definitely do not believe that ANYONE should be defined by the gender that they choose to identify with.
But, I’ve gotta admit, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it sometimes. And this is because I don’t believe in feminism (I do) or even because I think that it’s gone too far (I don’t) , it’s because of the direction that feminism is currently going in.
Away we have moved from the heroic gals throwing themselves in front of horses and burning post boxes for the right to vote, and here we are with twitter ‘feminists’.
And NO. This is not me saying that our feminist job is done, as it definitely isn’t!
If you don’t believe me, just have a look online at the amount of companies that STILL have unequal pay, it’s disgusting. And, this is in our western-world UK- imagine how big the gender pay gap is in some less developed countries!

But, I think that these are the kinds of things, as feminists, that we need to be working on. The things that are going to change the world and the future for our sisters and daughters and granddaughters (and all of those all over the world). The things like the right to control our own bodies and the right to equality; not any of this shit that’s currently going on.
By blowing the tiny little things (such as Meghan Markle’s fashion sense) out of proportion, we’re making ourselves look, well, pathetic.
And now is not a time to look pathetic.
We do not need to give anyone anymore reason to look down on us as a movement. If we believe in equality, then we believe in equality for ALL, not just for some. We need to encourage one another, not bring one another down.
We need people to join the movement and change their own values and beliefs, which is a pretty hard thing to ask anyone to do. But, in order to get there, we need to stop pulling each other down and start supporting each other; and the ’cause’ that we are supposedly fighting for!
This cause is not someone’s dress hem-length, or a kind message on the London Tube; our message has to be more than this.
Because, if these are truly the only things that we are fighting for, then I am not sure that I can call myself a feminist anymore.
So, let’s stop making our (important) cause into a laughing stock, or some sort of weird ‘girl power’/ ‘girlboss’ trend, and let’s start fighting for the important things again.
H x
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