If there’s one thing that I am really bad at in life, it’s caring too much. I care about everything and everyone, even people I don’t know.

And, it’s nice to care. But, often, caring becomes worrying for me. I find myself worrying about other people’s lives far too often.

I am also, I’ll admit, a very paranoid person. Circumstance has created this, and it’s not a part of myself that I like, but I am. I take everything as a personal insult. And, not because I want to mope or be upset, but because I want to better myself so I take everything as a criticism. 

Caring and worrying and paranoia are massive parts of me and who I am, and I won’t ever deny that. 

But, it simply has to stop. 

This gets in the way of me trying to live my life regularly, and it’s just not a healthy mind space to be in, and certainly not a place that I want to continue being in.

Anyway, I’ve decided to actively to try and let things wash over me a little more. There’s nothing wrong with caring, as such, but caring too much can be detrimental for anyone. 

And, that’s just one of the reasons why I adore this bracelet from pnk lettuce! Hand stamped in their Essex workshops, every item is intentionally unique! 

They sell bangles, cuffs, rings and pendants with a whole range of ‘inappropriate’ messages, or you can even personalise one with your very own!

The bangle itself is great quality. It has never turned my wrist a funny colour even after wearing all day, and it comes with a little box and polishing cloth making it also the perfect gift for your potty-mouthed friend!

Personally, I find wearing this bangle oddly empowering! Looking down at my wrist when I have it on, it reminds me that I don’t always have to GAF. And, there are truly times when IDGAF what other people say or think about me, and that’s a position that I’ve worked really hard to get to!

They specialise in owning ‘potty mouth’, and create truly alternative but fun and empowering jewellery, and I am so grateful that they sent a sample over!

Check out their full collection here! Or on their instagram or twitter!

If you could write any message on a bangle at all, what would it be?


H x

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