As Halloween is fast approaching, some of you may have still not sorted out your costume! Not to worry, Halloween costumes can be made quickly, cheaply and easily yet still look effective! Here are 5 ideas of a costume which you could easily DIY yet still look great!
1. A Witch
Ooooh the infamous go-to halloween costume! I have actually never been a witch for halloween, tried to steer clear of the norm, yet I don’t see any problem with being one! A witch is simple. All you need is a black/dark coloured dress and a hat, which can easily be purchased from Poundland! If you want to go a step further, Asda have the most adorable mini broom in at the moment for only £3! Adorable and easy to carry around with you if need be!
A witch may be a simple outfit, but it can give you a great opportunity to play around with your makeup! Now, I don’t mean the typical green face with warts, witch makeup could be anything, pretty or scary, and if you take some time to decide what you’re going to do, you could look amazing!
2. A Vampire
I actually was a vampire for Halloween when I was about 7 and, to be honest, the costume was hideous! But ever since my love for Twilight (don’t judge me) I’ve wanted to create a vampire look that I actually like! Again, dark clothing, skirts, tops, dresses, would probably work best for this look. I would also probably add a choker to make this look extra ‘scary’! Pale makeup, red lips, fluttery lashes and dark eyes (maybe even some red coloured contacts if you can wear that kind of thing) would be perfect for this look! And, I mean, you could always buy some cheap fangs if you reallllly wanted…
3. A Shadow
I actually saw this idea on Pinterest and I LOVE IT! Basically, all you need is a black morphe suit, which could be sourced from amazon, argos or many other places, and black clothing to go over the top. This is such a simple idea but it looks so creepy and effective, I’m definitely going to try this one year!
4. A Fairy
Who said Halloween costumes had to be scary? Here is your chance to soak yourself in glitter and wear cute pastel clothing!! A wand, a flower headband, some cool eye makeup and more could EASILY be added to make this look complete! Ooooh I’m excited already!
5. And, if all else fails, get that white t shirt out!!! 
An oversized white t shirt can do wonders and look incredibly effective! You can cut it, rip it, dirty it, cover it in blood (fake, obviously), crumple it, tie it, and even wear it as a dress (if it’s oversized!). The opportunities are endless! For maximum effect, team it with a scary mask, some face paint, some creepy make up or even a scary hairstyle!
As always, thanks for reading! I hope you like my suggestions, feel free to add your own in the comments!
I hope you all have an amazing Halloween,
H x