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Hello and welcome to a BRAND NEW BLOG SERIES. I’m giving this a go, because I’ve found that there’s a lot of things that I like and nowhere to write them. Now, this isn’t going to be like a typical ‘favourites’, because I know that they are dead and buried. I also don’t have the time or money for a monthly one of those (I tried seasonly but even then I struggled). So this is gonna feature anything that I’ve been liking/using a lot in the month, books that I’ve read, TV shows/films that I’ve watched, places that I’ve been to, any events or opportunities that I wanna share plus life updates all packaged into one monthly blog post complete with a pretty bow on top. It will be posted on the last Sunday of every month, and I’ll try and stick to that.


Life Update

Let’s begin with a little life update, shall we?

Well, as of the last week or so, my fiancĂ© is back in the country! And, honestly, I couldn’t be more glad. 2019 is the year that we finally get our life back and, after waiting for this for 5 long years, I honestly cannot wait. The future may be hard and stressful, but it’s ours and that’s all that matters to me.

I also finished my first term of third year at university. So that means that my dissertation is submitted, my essays are too, and I’ve sat my exam. I won’t be hearing back about my dissertation or essays for the next few days or so, and even longer for the exam, but it’s done and that’s all that’s important to me.

I’ve also been thrown straight back into the deep end as I’ve started second term, and my timetable is absolutely taking no prisoners. It’s A LOT compared to what I’m used to, and I’m struggling to stay afloat right now if I’m completely honest, but I am still so much happier than I’ve been for the last 6 months. I absolutely adore having Zack home, and that’s more important to me than anything else.

It’s almost my birthday too, and I’m not eating chocolate for the whole of February in order to raise money for British Heart Foundation! If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

What I’ve Been Reading/Watching/Listening To

Well, just like most of the population, I’ve still been obsessing over Ariana Grande. What. A. Queen.

Sweetener and The Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack are my most listened to this month (I just love the live queen versions!!).

But, I’ve also been reading a lot more for pleasure than usual thanks to my new kindle that Zack got me for Christmas! I’ve always been a traditionalist and thought of kindles as a big NOPE NOPE but, really, they are quite handy. It means that my entire library can be in one, light-weight, convenient place, and the screen really does look like a real page. Plus, it means that I’m reading a lot more because I always have it on me so spend time reading rather than scrolling, and most of the books are cheaper than their paper counterparts!

I recently finished An Ocean Between Us and, actually, really enjoyed it. Sure, there were frustrating elements, but all in all it was a good read that left my heart warm, and you can’t be mad at that.

I’ve also had a dabble in Matt Haig’s Notes On A Nervous Planet and it kinda made me wish that I still used Tumblr so that I could share all of the cheesy quotes I wanted without being judged. So relatable, and definitely a head nodder! The only thing I found about this is that it’s not exactly a page-turner. I find it hard to read it in big chunks because it’s exactly what it says on the front, notes! But, it’s great for reading a chapter of now and then.

In terms of watching, I’ve re-watched the latest Peaky Blinders episodes seen as they came on Netflix and the new season comes out soon. I’ve also had my heart-warmed by Dumplin’, had a dabble in the old fave that is Valentine’s Day, and finished all of the episodes of The Good Place currently available. I would recommend any of these, I bloody love them all.

What I’ve Been Using

Chilly’s water bottle

This has been my staple uni bag item at the moment! It still shocks me how it actually does keep your drink cold, and I’m loving not having to buy any single use plastics; saving my bank balance and the planet one sip at a time!

Rice Krispies Mug (sold out)

Alright, I know this is a bit of a weird one, but I bloody love this idea! I am not one to have a massive bowl of cereal, so this is a great size for me. Plus the handle helps my clumsiness be slightly less apparent and saves me having to change the sheets because I’ve dropped a bowl of Rice Krispies on my bed (yes, that really did happen once).


I know this isn’t really something that’s exactly new to the world, but it’s new to me and it has revolutionised my life. This means that I can carry my entire library on one device and I’ve got to say, my back and my backpack that are used to carrying 4-5 heavy books at a time are definitely thanking me for it.

What I’ve Been Wearing

As I said a few times in my What I Got For Christmas Video, I stopped spending towards the end of 2018 and stopped buying for my wardrobe. So, when I went Christmas shopping, I was 100% certain of what I wanted to add. I’ve tried to add versatile pieces that I’ll still love for seasons to come, and I’m really happy with my purchases!

Newlook Jumper

The perfect colour to go with absolutely anything, and so soft!

Zara Trousers (can’t find a link!).

But, these are tartan and so pretty!

Newlook Skirt

This skirt makes me feel like I’ve stepped off of a movie set, I love it!

Asos Turtle-Neck

The ultimate versatile piece! Everyone needs one in their wardrobe, I haven’t stopped wearing mine!

Baker Boy Hat

I wasn’t sure if this would suit me, but I gotta say I’m feeling it!

Newlook Leapord Print Top

The perfect kinda workwear yet comfy but also looks a bit like PJs top!!

Newlook Black Trousers

Everyone needs a good pair of black trousers in their wardrobe, and these may well be it! Comfy, actually flattering and so easy to wear.

Best of Beauty

The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer

I know that some people hate them, but I have to admit that I’m a real silicone primer fan! This one is affordable, lasts all day and makes my pores look flawless. What more could a girl want?!

Jouer Highlighter Rose Quartz

Urmmmmm… YES!!! Everything about this highlighter begs all of the heart eyes!

BH Cosmetics Brush Set

I can’t find the one that I’ve actually got online, but they’re all of the same brushes just a different colour! This brush set is super affordable, super high quality and completely cruelty free. Can we just give BH a clap?

Soap and Glory Archery Brow

Would it be a round up without mentioning my absolute holy grail of a brow product? I think not. I have been obsessed with this ever since I got it, and I’m pretty sad that mine has almost ran out! Best get a new one in ready, I think.

Blog Posts

I haven’t posted much in January as it’s been a busy month of trying to get back into the swing of things, but here’s a look at what I have posted.

Right at the beginning of the year, I said hello to 2019 in this post. And then we moved to talking about taking our partner’s last name in this post. From there, we’ve moved to chatting about almost dropping out of university in this post, and how the blogosphere can give us a guilty content conscience in this post.

So, there we have it, the first month of the year is over! How has it gone for you? What have you been wearing/watching/reading/using? Feel free to let me know in the comments!


H x

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