Is Being In Your Twenties All It's Cracked Up To Be?

fullsizeoutput_ee4Ahhhh… the glorious twenties. The golden era. The era that everyone’s nan seems to wish that they were back in.
I recently joined my twenties earlier this year and I am already discovering that, yup, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Just because the first digit of your age is a 2, doesn’t mean that your life all of a sudden becomes magical, and that’s perfectly okay.
But why, then, do we have this misconception that our twenties should be the time of our lives? I just don’t know.
I mean, let’s be honest, being in your twenties is confusing AF. For many of us, this is the decade when we leave university/college and enter the ‘real working world’, and that’s pretty scary.
I’m so over the CEO business-type girl boss persona that is forced upon every gal in their twenties to want to work in an office; it’s so much pressure!!
Add this pressure with the weird reality that some of your friends are surviving on beans on toast busting their asses in unpaid internships, whilst some of your other friends are getting married or having babies and you just get the most confusing life period possible.
For many, the twenties is a time of unrest. It’s a time when you may move out for the first time, or switch careers, or consider having children, or try to juggle a dating life with a supeeeeeeer busy career because you don’t want to enter your 30s single too, and it’s all just a bit mad.
It’s like as soon as you hit the big 20 everyone is like RIGHT HUN, YOU’RE A PROPER ADULT NOW. FIND A CAREER. GET A BOYF. POP A KID OUT. IT’S TIME. But like, for a lot of us, we remember turning 18 and it doesn’t feel *that* long since then and we are super confused how are we nearly in our last year of uni when we literally only just got here never mind considering what we wanna do after or babies or houses, yelp.
Especially as a someone currently entering their twenties, the pressure to travel to see the whole wide world whilst considering baby names and a full time career to progress in forever and ever just seems a bit much.
And, whilst trying to juggle the million other thoughts that society is pressuring on us, it’s also a bit scary to sit back and look at your life and wonder if this is ‘it’. If these are the only ‘good times’ that you’re going to look back on. If there’s really nothing else to look forward to.
I mean, how often do people RUE the day that they turned the big 30 because their twenties were so much better? All. Of. The. Time.
But guys, just because the twenties was the best era of your granny’s life, does not mean that it’s gonna be the best era of yours. Your best era may still be to come, but you may also be majorly ruining the one you’re in right now by worrying if this is all you’ve got to look forward to. So don’t worry too much about houses and babies and travelling and careers, worry about those things when you’re ready to. You’ve got a lot more life experience ahead of you, so don’t waste right now worrying about things that you’re not ready for.
Baby steps (metaphorically speaking). Take it as it comes, and who knows?! Your twenties may end up being the time of your life after all.
H x

7 thoughts on “Is Being In Your Twenties All It's Cracked Up To Be?

  1. I’m unemployed and have been struggling with finding a job it’s hard when most jobs are silly hours and they’ve got to fit in with the buses :/ I do feel lost with it all I feel like because I’m 27 I should have all these things figured out careers/bf/ moved out etc.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling and that you feel lost Sarah, but your age definitely does not mean that! We all have different timelines and that’s completely normal. Try not to worry too much or to compare yourself with other’s life progression as you’re on your own course and everyone’s is different! Sending love X

  2. I have days where I feel pressure because I am nearly 26 and feel like I should have a successful career and be popping out a kids and other days I’m like fuck it, I’m enjoying my life. Your 20’s are such a strange time and you’re still finding yourself. I’ve had 3 big life changes so far and I’m only halfway through! I don’t feel like my life really started and I started enjoying my 20’s until I was 23 so there’s still time.
    Steph x

  3. I’ve got to the point now where I think our 20’s are just an extension of our teen years.. but way better as we are more mature, can drink and do what we want without our parents constant nagging haha. We are all still so young, there should be no pressure, our 20’s should be full of adventures, many laughs and tonnes of memories instead.

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