How To Beat Homesickness

If you’ve read a few of my previous posts, or even if you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I’ve recently moved to university. I wasn’t worried about feeling homesick when I left, but now I’m here it’s a lot harder than I may have realised. So, I’m writing this post for self help, but I hope it may help some of you too if you’re away from home!
1. Speak To Home Regularly
Whether it’s your family, friends or partner, make sure to speak to them regularly. It will help you and them and you’ll still be in the loop and know what’s going on at home. 
2. Take Home Comforts With You
Blankets, cushions, photographs or keepsakes, these little items might not seem much but they really help to make you feel closer to home.
3. Have A Home Box
In this, put things that remind you of home or things that make you feel better. For example, in mine I have a hot water bottle, some chocolate, a good DVD (Love Rosie) and a few other things to just cheer me up generally. 
4. Find Your Support System
Whether you’re at home or anywhere else, support systems are a must for when you’re feeling down. For example, I know I have some friends downstairs that I can go and talk to who will make me feel better, so they’re my support system. 
5. Visit Home
Whilst I know this may not be possible for everyone, the only way to truly settle home sickness is to visit home. I would recommend giving it a few weeks if you’re in a new place before you do so, because otherwise the visit could end up making your homesickness worse. 
Thanks for reading!
H X 

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