How I Deal With My Anxiety Attacks

This post is being written following the success of my last post, What My Anxiety Attacks Feel Like.
Today I thought I’d just share a few tips about how I deal with my anxiety attacks, and a few coping methods I use to get myself through them. A small disclaimer, I’m not a doctor, nor am I an expert, but I do experience anxiety attacks first hand and I am writing this post to share some methods of coping that work from my own experience, however I cannot guarantee that any of these methods will work for you.

  • Concentrate on my breathing

Sounds obvious, but this is the most important thing to do whilst trying to cope with an anxiety attack. They aren’t fun, and they can be really scary and upsetting, but you must remember to breathe. I sometimes use videos on Youtube such as this one which help me to really control my breathing and calm myself down.

  • Drink water

Again, sounds obvious, no break through here. But, sometimes in my state of panic I can completely forget about hydration, particularly if I am having a really bad night where I am having multiple panic attacks continually. Water just helps me though, it is a necessity and it helps me with the sick feeling I tend to get.

  • Cold Ice Pack

This is pretty specific to my experience, as this helps MASSIVELY with my cramps. However, if you have cramps too, I would 100% recommend an ice pack to ease them, it works so well for me!

  • Grounding

This is quite a common technique used by anxiety sufferers. But, if you have never come across the term before, this blog post is brilliant at explaining many different types of grounding techniques, and these have definitely helped me!

  • Distraction

This doesn’t always work, but sometimes I can ease my anxiety attacks by busying myself with a task. Mobile games are fab for this, as are tasks which require a great amount of concentration such as writing blog posts ;).

  • Wait it out

If worst comes to worst, you’ve just got to wait it out. But, remind yourself that you have done this before, and you have recovered from this before and you can do this. And, if you have someone to talk to, they can always be a good help!
Thanks for reading guys, I hope this has helped you a little! If you, yourself, experience anxiety attacks or know someone who does and know a few of your own coping techniques, please feel free to share them in the comments. Let’s all help each other out!
H x

8 thoughts on “How I Deal With My Anxiety Attacks

  1. I hadn’t considered using YouTube videos as a breathing prompt, Hayley! That’s a fantastic idea – I need to find some videos and bookmark them for future use! When I’m panicking, or if I can sense I’m on the verge of doing so, I often find that tidying or organising something really helps me, because it makes me feel a bit more in control, if that makes sense! Thank you for sharing your coping mechanisms, posts like this are so valuable!
    Abbey ❀️

  2. Panic attacks used to be a regular things for me, but I’m thankful I don’t have them as much as I used to. Waiting it out is the main thing I did, and concentrating on my breathing. It does help that James understands and helps.
    Jessica & James |

  3. I am lucky to not suffer with anxiety attacks on a day to day basis, but have had them in the past and they are so much worse than people expect! What works for me is reminding myself that my feet are on the floor, taking deep breaths and sitting on the ground helps me too. Really useful blog post πŸ’—

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