Happy 2nd Birthday LifeThroughTSG!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to ma bloggggggg, happy birthday to you!
We’ve been around for a whole 2 years now; it’s gone so fast! I genuinely remember writing my first ever blog post, aw, so cute.
So, I thought in a cute-little-reminiscing style, why not have a look at the post I published for my 2 month blog-a-versary?! And we can all have a little giggle at how much I thought I had ‘learnt’ and whether or not this is still true, plus what I’ve learnt since!
You can find my 2 month post here (but I’m basically gonna put it in this post anyway).
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 08.59.48
I still agree with this one! Twitter is where most of my traffic comes from, so I definitely find it valuable still! However, I am seeing traffic from many other sources now, namedly instagram, so don’t discount the other platforms!
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Bit weird that I didn’t even know that they existed, haha. But yeah, I still love a good old twitter chat! They’re a great way to get to know other people within the community.
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 09.00.10
Haha, this is funny. I’ve had so many phases when it comes to blog photos. When I first started, I used to hate them, but that’s just because I was a total novice and had no idea how to take a decent photo. Since then, I’ve liked them, loved them, disliked them and hated them allover again- the full 360! I’ve moved on from the iPhone pics and now take the majority of my photos on a camera, although I do love a good iPhone pic when I’m out and about!
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 09.00.15
I still agree with this! If I posted all of my blog posts every time I wrote them, they’d be so sporadic! 5 on one day and then nothing for 2 weeks; that kinda thing. I only write when I am inspired to do so because blogging is not a job for me (yet) and I don’t want it to turn into a chore.
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 09.00.20
It’s so strange to me that I used to feel like I was ‘lying to my followers’ by scheduling tweets- scheduling content is a lifesaver!
Especially when my university days are pretty unpredictable, scheduling is amazing. No-one can be online 24/7 and when I first started, I was trying to be. However, I’ve realised how unhealthy that is so now I try and take a step-back.
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 09.00.26
Haha, this is funny. I didn’t even realise it, but I haven’t blogged outside since this day! I’ll stick to inside with the window open, thanks.
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 09.00.30
As someone with 4,000 followers now (bit weird, haha), I still totally agree with this! No one is perfect and your blog doesn’t have to be either.
Thanks for putting up with me over the last 2 years, and here’s to the next 2!
H x

6 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday LifeThroughTSG!

  1. Happy Blogoversary! Congrats on all your blogging achievements so far and best of luck with your blog in the years to come. Your blog is brilliant! It is certainly nice to look back and reflect on things after a few months/ years. Best wishes 🙂

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