Hello there!
As it is Halloween tomorrow, one of my favourite days of the year, I thought I would share some of my memories from past Halloweens which may explain why I enjoy the day so much! Ok, here goes..
My favourite place to spend Halloween is actually at home with my family, watching scary films and answering the door to trick or treaters! A few years ago, we actually hired a hall nearby and put on our own Halloween party for family and friends and it was so fun, I just love planning things like parties! Other Halloweens have been spent at my aunties, my nans and pretty much anywhere else we can gather as a family, and sometimes we even have fireworks (which to be honest I’m terrified of but..). 
2 years ago, my Halloween was actually very different to how I usually spend it! It was actually the day I got to see my boyfriend after 6 weeks apart (our longest ever) and I got to visit the place where he was staying and have a proper look around for the first time! We then got to bring him back and, I can honestly say, this was my best Halloween ever! It made a day that I love even more special! We then spent the night with his family catching up with everyone and it was just such a good time, and such a good memory for me looking back!
Another (funny) memory I have is watching the conjuring on Halloween with my family a few years ago. We were all getting really scared and my grandad decided to come and knock on the window, much to our horror!! We were all too scared to look who it was and it was just hilariously embarrassing, oh dear!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. I know it’s a bit of a weird and personal one, but this Halloween is probably going to be a lot different from the others because I’m away from my family for the first time, so I thought it would make me feel better to remember all of the times I have had with them!
Thanks for reading, if you got this far! Lots of love,