Going Self Hosted; The Most Stressful Day Of My Life

And, that’s quite an achievement, seen as I like to pride myself on being an incredibly stress person.

I went self hosted almost 2 months ago now. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I somehow managed it all on my own. So here’s a little ramble about what I did, what went wrong, and some advice for if you’re gonna take the plunge!

The Decision

I actually really liked being hosted by WordPress before, but my renewal rate was just far too high and I couldn’t afford it. So, I basically had to choose between losing some features, or going self hosted.

I decided to go self hosted because it’s something that I’ve been intrigued by for a while, but also incredibly intimidated by.

I started my blog with 0 knowledge about anything, and I still find SEO and html intimidating, so I didn’t think that I would manage it to be honest. 

And, for a good few hours after taking the plunge, I regretted it.


I decided to go through site ground for hosting because they’re affordable and I’ve heard good reviews.

I also thought that it would be easier to purchase my domain through them as well, so that everything is in the same place.

When I put in my site name at the time (.com), I realised that I actually couldn’t buy this because I already owned it, if that makes sense. I couldn’t work out how to transfer, so I decided to take and have a fresh start.


I didn’t realise that, by doing so, I’d lose the DA of 23 that I had worked SO hard for. I realised after purchase and was a little bit heartbroken that I wasn’t just patient enough to transfer over, but it’s fine, I’ll get over it.


I then decided to purchase a theme off of pip dig, because I wanted my site to look exactly how I’ve always wanted it to! I found the perfect theme and asked pip dig to make the installation but, after a few hours, I got impatient (again) so decided to give it a go myself.

I took a massive risk here, because I could have broken my site. And, at one point, I thought that I actually had. But, luckily, it paid off in the end. 

I also installed the WordPress system for actually using on my site because I’ve found this to be the thing that works for me!


This is kind of where it all went a bit wrong.

I tried to transfer all of my content over from my old WordPress site. To this day, I still do not know what I got wrong in the process, but I ended up with only 10 posts from 2016 moving over.

I tried again, and this time I got 17 posts out of the 250 odd. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to recover my data, but somehow I did.

And, third time lucky, the transfer worked!

The Next Few Hours

I then spent the next few hours getting to grips with my new site. I installed google Adsense, worked out how to use affiliate links, installed nofollow plugins and more! This was definitely confusing at times, but I am so glad that I did it now.

Would I Recommend?

Honestly? Yes! 

I have so much more freedom and control over my site now, and it’s amazing. I also know exactly how everything works, because I installed it all myself!

Don’t get me wrong, it was confusing and I regretted every decision I made at first, but it is definitely better in the long run.

Pipdig, as I mentioned, do actually offer the transfer service for free if you purchase one of their themes, and I would definitely say to get them to help if you are really worried about it all!

My Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to resort to a youtube tutorial
  • Only start when you have a free day or two to get it all sorted!!
  • Opt for hosting which has good recommendations by bloggers you trust
  • Give yourself time to get used to your new features and lay out
  • Experiment with new plugins!


H x

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