Getting Autumn Ready

Hello, hello, HELLO and welcome to day number 1 of blogtober! In case you didn’t know, I’m gonna be here posting every day at 5pm for the next 31 days. So, grab some snacks and head over hear every day at 5!

In case you didn’t know, Autumn officially began a whole 7 days ago and I couldn’t be more delighted! Autumn is my favourite season of all. It’s the season when burnt orange becomes the only colour that I wear, I get to get my chunky knits out and I eat a lot of butternut squash (yes, even orange food). It’s just my favourite time of the year.

So, yeah, in honour of my favourite time of the year, I thought it would be good to share how I’m preparing for it.

As October begins on a Monday this year, the time could not be better for a fresh start. As one of my favourite books ever says:

Life starts allover again when it gets crisp in the fall

F. Scott Fitzgerald

And it’s even more exciting that a Monday is the perfect chance for a fresh start! So, I’ll stop babbling now and just get into my suggestions at how to get autumn ready. Some of them are serious and some aren’t, but hopefully some will be useful!

Have A Wardrobe Clear Out

No, I don’t mean get rid of all of your summer/spring clothes. But go through them, get rid of any that you haven’t been wearing recently and donate them to a charity shop, and then maybe even put away the items that you know for sure that you’re not going to be wearing any time soon.

For example, I like to put my summer dresses and shorts away in a suitcase. This way they’re not cluttering up my wardrobe for months to come when I’m definitely not going to be wearing them!

Likewise, have a clear out of your autumn/winter clothes. Something in there that you haven’t worn for 3 years? Send it to the charity shop. Someone else might love it and it gives you a fresh start to the colder months.

Clear Out Your Socials

Unfollow people who have accounts that no longer interest you, and find more that do. It’s a great feeling when your feed leaves you feeling inspired rather than flat, so give it a go and give your mind a rest from the clutter that you are no longer a fan of. 

Invest In New PJs

It’s going to get colder, which means cosy PJs are a must! Treat yourself to some nice ones and some nice fluffy socks for when you get home and you’ll, for sure, be thanking yourself.

Add A Lot Of Orange To Your Wardrobe

Orange is just the perfect colour for autumn. Buy a few new staple pieces like the ones below and watch your wardrobe blossom!

Learn A Few New Recipes

Nothing’s better than finding a new go-to comfort food for the colder months! This is something that I try to do every autumn, as it can really make a difference to your evening if you’ve had a meal that you’ve enjoyed. I’ve actually got a recipe post coming very soon so keep those eyes peeled!

Get That Chapstick Out

Dry lips can be really sore, and they’re just not what you want to be bothering you. But in the colder months, our lips (and skin) tend to dry out quicker so make sure you’re carrying about some lip balm to moisturise (and that you’re using a facial moisturiser too!).

Start A New Series

What’s better to walk in from the cold to than a good series?! I started Call The Midwife last autumn and it was all of the cosy vibes that I needed.

Spruce Up The House A Bit

Add some fairy lights, buy a new feature, or even just give it a good clean. It’s nice to look forward to coming home for the evening when it’s darker outside, so make your house a little more welcoming for yourself.

Give Yourself A Break

Take a weekend or evening off and just chill out, no phones or technology allowed.

Treat Yourself To A New Book

There’s no better feeling than a new book, treat yourself in national book month!

What are your suggestions for getting autumn ready?


H x

2 thoughts on “Getting Autumn Ready

  1. Great post 🙂 I love this time of year for making soup and drinking hot chocolate! I also love that there’s some nice fashion pieces about too I’m into mustard, greens and orange coloured fashion.

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