FAQs- Questions that I'm often asked!

Yes, this is a real blog post. I mean, I don’t get asked a lot of questions very often, but I do get asked some questions again and again. So, I thought, why not answer them in a post? So here goes…
What is your name?
Hayley. I’ve realised it’s a slight issue that my name is nowhere on my blog, so I’ve amended that. But, I’ll still be signing off H!
What does TSG stand for?
Tear Stained Glass.
Fun fact, I never intended for this to be a lifestyle blog. People just automatically put me in that category because ‘life’ is in my blog name. I originally intended for this to be a beauty blog, but I’ve not really ended up going in that direction which is ok, because I love my content! I actually came up with my blog name because I was really sad when I first started blogging, and I felt disconnected from my life. So, tear stained glass just felt right. I don’t feel like that right now, but I still love the name, and it reminds me of how far I have come since then.
Is Tear Stained Glass something you make?
Sorry, no? I have genuinely been asked this more times than I’d like to admit. But no, I am sorry, I do not make glass stained with my tears (?).
What is your fiancé’s name?
Zack. I call him Z to protect his privacy on Instagram and in tweets, but he has informed me he doesn’t mind me using his full name, so he is Zack.
How many siblings do you have?
2 brothers. 1 16 y/o and 1 1 y/o (nearly 2!).
Why did you start your blog?
Truthfully? I had just finished sixth form, I had the longest summer holidays ahead, and I was very very bored. But, I was also in a pretty bad place so it helped me to channel my energy into something good and to feel like I was actually achieving something every single day.
Are your parents still together?
Ok, so no one has ever outright asked me this. But, I do feel as though it’s something I should explain. My parents are divorced, but I often refer to them as ‘my parents’ as a whole. I know this might be a bit confusing, I always wonder whether people actually get confused about it, but my parents are divorced, but I refer to them as a whole unit because they are both still my parents. But yeah, divorced.
Ok that’s about everything I can think that I’ve been asked!
Do you have any questions that you’d like to know about me? If so, ask me in the comments and I may update this post!
Thanks for reading.
H x

1 thought on “FAQs- Questions that I'm often asked!

  1. I remember feeling so embarrassed when I had to ask your name after we’d been getting to know each other on social media for ages hehe! 🙈 No prizes for guessing my name really, but I still sign off all my blog posts with my initial “A” haha! I didn’t actually know that you had two brothers so I’ve learned something new from this post!
    Abbey 💖

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