Everyone’s Had A ‘Friend’ Like Megan #LoveIsland

Honestly? I did NOT expect to be writing an impromptu blog post tonight, never mind about love island. But, with all the drama that’s just kicked off, I don’t think I can stay quiet either.
Just in case you missed tonight’s ep (or like, the WHOLE of your twitter feed), shit went down because Megan randomly dumped Eyal (which he actually seemed pretty hurt about) and randomly decided to crack on with Wes (Have we ever seen them talk before tonight? My memory fails me), but kinda didn’t tell Laura. And then when Wes told Laura and she got (understandably) upset, our main gal Muggy Meg had the nerve to give a sly smirk that rivalled arsehole Adam’s.
And everyone on twitter got (understandably) very angry.
Why? You may ask.
Well, because we’ve all had a ‘friend’ like Megan.
In fact, I’m only 20 and I’ve had MORE than one ‘friend’ like her, and it isn’t something that leaves your head for a while.
See, our muggy meg’s the type of gal that you get along with. She is a bit judgey when it comes to other girls but, hey, at least she’s not judging you, right? Being friends with her is easier than not being, so you let the odd comment slide. But she’s fun! She’s pretty, she’s popular and she’s confident; and you begin to envy her.
She never purposefully makes you feel insecure though. She reassures you that she’s your pal and she’s got your back; and you become good friends.
But, before long, she’s started being a bit *too* flirty with your boyfriend, and it’s starting to make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Hell, you might even bring it up with her! But she will reassure you that she’s not like that. She could never do that to you, your her gal pal! So you carry on blissfully unaware of what she’s really plotting.
And then, one day, she just turns. She tries it on with your man, and you are actually, genuinely in disbelief. You trusted her, and it sucks.
What’s worse?
She has literally no remorse.
Even if your man doesn’t jump ship because he’s *actually* a decent human being, it still stings. You thought Meg was your pal, but it turns out that she’s been mugging you off all along.
And, when you try to explain how upset you are (and maybe even get a bit emotional), she smirks in your face. She shows no remorse. She never actually cared about you, and that’s what hurts the most.
And then a few days later (whilst you’re still pretty fragile from the experience), you find out that she’s playing the victim. She’s telling people that she just didn’t realise and that she’s so innocent and doesn’t know how to be a friend because, of course, she’s never had girl friends before.
Well, hun, there’s a reason for that.
And, low and behold, I present to you muggy Megan.
The cycle continues; she does it to other girls, and you never *really* recover from the experience.
You’ve really showed your true colours tonight meg, and they ain’t pretty.

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