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So, if you didn’t already know, depop is an app that allows you to sell and buy second hand, or even brand new, items of clothing/jewellery or anything else your heart may desire! I am currently using this app to (attempt to) sell some of my old clothes. Recently, I had a huge clothes clear out ready for university and, although I am nowhere near a hoarder, I do find letting clothes go rather sad, so it makes me feel so much better if I know they’re going to a new home to be loved! Plus, by selling these clothes on depop i am also generating a profit, so it’s a win-win situation. However, in this post I’m going to be giving my personal opinion on the depop app and whether it is really worth all of the hype!
First Impressions
Ok, so the main reason I decided to use depop is because I have seen so many people my age using it, and I thought it would suit the target audience of the clothes I am trying to sell much better than other sites, such as Ebay which tends to have a bit older buyers. I also find Ebay so bloody complicated whereas listing items on depop is so so so so so easy!!
The Process
Ok, so as I said above, listing an item on depop is super easy! You literally upload up to 4 photographs, which can be from your camera roll or can be taken by the camera provided on the app, and title your item. In order to attract as many buyers as possible, you must make your title as detailed as possible. For example, instead of just ‘red dress size 12’ I may list my item as ‘Red Bodycon Dress From Newlook Size 12. This item is brand new with tags and features gold stud detailing and a plunging neckline. Great for parties, holidays and events’. You then have to choose a category that it fits into, ‘womens, mens, makeup, jewellery’, and a sub category, ‘womens-dresses’. Then you choose a price, a size, the quantity of the items you are selling, and a delivery cost. That’s it! You are then given the option to share your item on your facebook, twitter, or other social media pages in order to promote what you are selling!
In terms of ease of use, I love love love depop. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s everything I was looking for in a selling app!
Selling Items
As much as I love the listing process of depop, it’s not so great for actually selling. I have listed over 50 items so far and sold 10, 7 of them because of me sharing my depop on my social media pages rather than because of the actual app itself. I currently have over 250 followers on the app and I’d say I get interest (a message asking questions about the items) about once a week. It’s not amazing, but it is still something. However, I do feel as though I may have sold items much more quickly on another application, such as Ebay!
In terms of the buyers themselves, many of them have been lovely. However, I have been messed around by a few buyers who have asked me to reserve them items for a week or so and then have never got back to me, which really upsets me especially when I have messaged them and they’ve continued to ignore me. But that is not the app’s fault, so that can hardly be a criticism of the app itself!
My main problem with depop is that it does charge you a small fee for selling an item through the app! I did not know this with the first item I sold, so I chose to sell it for £10 although it was brand new and worth much more for a quick sale, but actually ended up getting £8.25, £3.30 of which went on delivery! Had I been aware of this when I first listed the items, I would have maybe listed them for a little bit more!
Also, once you have sold an item of depop, the money takes a whole TWO WEEKS to be transferred into your ‘wallet’ from which you can pay out to your bank account. To me, two weeks seems very excessively long, so that is a bit of a pain in the bum!
Overall, I do love depop and do love attempting to sell my items on this app! But, ultimately, the charge for selling is very annoying and the two week wait to pay out seems a little bit ridiculous! I’d give this app a 3/5 star rating, it’s good but it’s maybe not the best if you’re looking to sell items quickly and cheaply!
Thank you so much for reading,
let me know if you love or hate depop in the comments!
Love H x
PS. If you want to follow me on depop, my username is hayleysnell98x