Date Jar Review

Okay, so me and my boyfriend decided a few months ago to create a ‘Date Jar’. This is a Jar full of date ideas written on little sticks for when we lack in inspiration as to what to do on our days off/ at the weekend! This was one of those ideas that I saw on Tumblr a few years ago and thought was super cute, so remembered and decided to try out to try and take decision-making away from myself and my boyfriend and to be a bit more free-spirited.
To make this jar a bit more realistic, we made up our own date ideas to suit our local area and the places accessible to us, and we also colour coded our ideas with a key that included categories such as ‘needs planning’, ‘bus dates’ and ‘train dates’ so we could tailor the dates to our budget at that exact time a bit more.
We had loads of fun making this jar and coming up with the ideas! We gathered supplies from our local Wilkinsons and this took us a couple of hours to come up with the ideas and make, but I really enjoyed the creation process!
But, to be honest, I haven’t found it to be very useful. I mean, I tried it once and picked out ‘London’ which we did actually do, and I had an amazing time, but it’s not really been that useful. I don’t know whether this is because we made the date ideas too obvious, so we think of them ourselves without having to use a jar, or because I’m just that much of a control freak that I have to decide what to do dependent on things like budget ect, but this really hasn’t been that helpful to us! Sad, but it’s ok, we had loads of fun creating this and maybe we will update the suggestions and find it useful, if not I gained a good afternoon and a pretty jar from this experience anyway!
Thanks for reading,
H x
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