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The ‘Just Ignore It’ Mentality

Do you know what I am absolutely sick of seeing online? Replies that say ‘just ignore it’. Replies to someone who has a problem that feels really big to them.Replies to someone who has turned to the internet with their problem. Replies to someone who is asking for help. And, do not get me wrong, …


Passing my driving test: one year on

So, it’s been a year. One whole year since I passed the test that myself, my instructor, and everyone else I know didn’t believe that I would. And it seemed weird to write this post at first. I’ve been passed for a year now, so what? But it was also such a monumental life moment …

Mental Health

Sometimes I Cry Over Dinner

Sometimes I cry over dinner. Sometimes I walk into the kitchen with the full intent to cook for myself, to enjoy what I’m cooking, to have a great meal, and sometimes I just cry instead. Sometimes I cry because it hits me. It being this overwhelming feeling of utter sickness. It being a compulsion to …