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My 7 Summer Must-Haves

Ahhh.. Summer.. nice to see you again. As the weather (hopefully) gets hotter, there’s 7 things that I simply must-have to get me through the season (apart from things like hay fever tablets and a crap-tonne of deodorant, of course). 1. Comfy Sandals There is NOTHING worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes, but I …


Transitioning Into Spring; Look Book in Collaboration with Blackbetty! *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE*

Hello, hello, hello!
A few weeks ago I was contacted by a brand called Blackbetty, who I’d actually never heard of before! They kindly offered to give me a gift card to spend on their site in exchange for a post, so I thought why not pick up some spring-themed items ready for the transition?
If you’re just here for the discount code, I’ll get that outta the way right now. Use code