Happy Halloween! It’s the last day of October and I can finally say, I DID IT! I managed to post every single day this month!
I hope you’ve loved the content just as much as I have. Honestly, I think this month has been my favourite content-wise EVER. I have just loved doing blogtober!
For this final post, I’ve decided to do a round up of all of the posts that I have posted this month, just in case you missed any. So, here goes!
1. Introduction To Blogtober 2017!
2. The National Wedding Show NEC Birmingham
3. HELP! I Don’t Fit In!
4. Autumn Favourites
5. What Doing An English Degree Is REALLY Like
6. Loaded Scrambled Eggs On Toast
7. 5 Netflix Shows That I Have Been LOVING!
8. My Autumn Goals
9. Life Through TSG VS The Real Me
10. My 5 Autumn Essentials
11. 13 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me
12. Autumn Film Bucket List
13. Do Bloggers HAVE To Support Each Other?
14. Transferable Trends: Bringing Blush Into Autumn
15. 10 Weird Things that bloggers own
16. Autumn Candle Wish list
17.  Binge-worthy autumn box sets! #AD
18. Learning To Love Yourself
19. Autumn Lip Picks!
20. 5 Situations That All Vegetarians Have Been In
21.  Engaged at 18!
22.  My Goals At University: One Year On!
23. What Blogging Has Taught Me
24. Embracing The Darker Mornings 
25. Anxiety update: starting back at university 
26. 7 Instagram accounts I’m loving rn!
27. Ok, I accept it, I am a ‘snowflake
28. Blogs that I am LOVING at the moment
29. 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Room
30. October Photo Diary
31. Blogtober Round up (this post!)
Thank you so much for reading and supporting me this month!
H x