Hello, hello, helloooooo!
I really enjoyed sharing the loving recently for Instagram accounts that I love, so it only seemed right to share blogs that I am loving right now too! I yo-yo between reading LOTS of blogs, to only managing to keep up with a few, depending on what my schedule is like, but these blogs are the ones that I know I can rely on for AMAZING content, and the ones that I always go back to! So, without furtherado, here are a few blogs that I think are bloody amazing….
It should come as NO surprise how much I admire Abbey, and her blog. Her content is always original, fresh, and I always enjoy reading it. I don’t think there has been a single post of hers that hasn’t stirred up real reaction in me, which is the sign of a good writer for sure! Seriously, for lifestyle content, Abbey is your GAL.
I love living vicariously through Kate’s travels! Her photography is beautiful, and she visits the most amazing places! If you love travel bloggers, you will adore Kate!
Yep, you probably know that I am a hugeeeee Hannah Gale fan too, oh well. I just love Hannah’s writing style. It makes me think of the quote from TFIOS ‘frankly, I would read your grocery lists’. I always thought that was a really weird thing to say, but I legit think I would read Hannah’s grocery lists. Sometimes I’m laughing out loud, and others I’m really touched by her posts, you should check out her blog for sure!
Ahhhh, Emily. Without a doubt, Emily is an amazingly talented writer. I mean, she has a book published! Emily deals with so many current issues on her blog, and her posts always make me feel inspired. She’s just so positive, and she intelligently tackles sensitive issues incredibly well. I will never stop reading her content!
 What blogs are you loving right now?! Leave their links in the comments and let’s share some love!
H x