Blogmas 2017 Day 4: Real VS Fake- The Christmas Tree Debate!

So, something that I hear about year after year is the great Christmas tree debate. Hence, I have decided to compile a list of the pros and cons of each to give you a little idea!

  • Smell bloody amazing
  • You get to get an imperfect one which is really cute
  • They look better (in my opinion!)
  • Picking them from a farm is a fun day out! (Think pumpkin picking but in November)
  • You get to get a new one every year-  change it up!


  • They drop needles EVERYWHERE
  • They don’t last as long
  • If you’ve got a pet/small child, the needles can be dangerous to them
  • You have to pick it pretty early to get a good one


  • No need to buy another one every year!
  • They stay perfect (if you package them right that is)
  • Less mess
  • Can become quite a sentimental decoration
  • Can go up as early as you like!


  • It just doesn’t have the amazing Christmas tree smell
  • Some of them can look very cheap and tacky (soz)
  • Sometimes their branches stick out at weird angles due to improper storage
  • They make your hands itch when you put them up!

So there we go. Tell me, do you have a real or fake Christmas tree? Why? We’ve gone for a real one at home this year, and it looks gorgeous! I haven’t actually seen it in person yet though, but when I do I shall take some pics! I look forward to reading your comments!
H x

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