Blogmas Day 23- How I spend Christmas Eve

Hi there! We’re nearing the end of blogmas now, I have enjoyed this experience so much and I hope you have too! Today, I’ve decided to blog about how I spend my Christmas Eve. Often, Christmas Eve is actually my favourite day because I feel like it’s the day when all of my excitement and the christmassy magic gets to the peak! It’s a day when it already feels like Christmas yet you can still spend the day watching Christmas films and singing along to Christmas songs, it’s just the ultimate day of excitement for me that I always jam-pack full of Christmassy activities. Ok let’s go..
8 am
I’m up, I’m dressed and I’m eating breakfast with my boyfriend. We begin to gather supplies, he usually nips to the shop to grab the bits we’ve forgotten whilst I prepare the kitchen ready to start baking at 9.
9 am
The baking begins. I go all out on Christmas eve. This means, rice krispie cakes, cupcakes, a fruit cake, short bread, cookies, gingerbread, a gingerbread house and a rice krispie house! Last year I even made a cookie Christmas tree made from cutters from Amazon that just looked amazing as a centrepiece for the snack table, and tasted great too!
Baking usually takes us about 4-5 hours, because we bake so much,as we spend the whole time singing along to Christmassy songs!
1 pm
We break for lunch. This usually involves pretty much whatever we have in the cupboards that can be made quickly, so we can get back on with the decorating.
1.30 pm

Decorating time! This is my absolute favourite thing about baking! I like to do the houses, cookie tree, cookies and fruit cake whilst my boyfriend does the gingerbread men and cupcakes. This takes us about 2 hours.
3.30 pm

Clean up begins! We arrange all of the baking on pretty trays ready for the morning and take the extras round to my nan’s house, as we always make too much! We then give the kitchen a quick tidy, wash the pots, hoover and mop ready to wind down for the night.
4.30 pm
Now it’s time to do any last-minute wrapping that we may need to do. This doesn’t usually take very long because I am quite prepared, so it’s just little bits for each other usually.
Tea time! (Or dinner if you’re from the South). This usually involves a buffet-style array of cheese and crackers and a good old Bailey’s hot chocolate, yum.
Last year we did this at my boyfriend’s mum’s house which was nice!
Now it’s film time! We always argue over which ones to watch because we both love so many Christmas films, but I always have to watch The Grinch on Christmas Eve, no matter what! We usually watch two so it’s The Grinch and then either It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Elf, The Polar Express, Nativity, A Christmas Carol, or any other Christmas favourite that we fancy!
During the films, we like to snuggle up under blankets, but we also do a stocking gift exchange where me and my boyfriend exchange stockings full of small, inexpensive gifts that we have bought for each other. These are usually silly little novelty items, such as juggling balls, that we think the other will like. We save our bigger presents for Christmas Day!
10 pm
At this time, my boyfriend has gone home to be with his family and I’m usually chilling in the living room with mine, maybe accompanied by another Bailey’s hot chocolate! Me and my brothers give each other our gifts, which is always a new pair of PJs plus a small gift like chocolate and I head upstairs for a quick bath!
By this time, I’m in bed and probably watching another Christmas film. I’m like a child on Christmas Eve night so I try to keep my eyes open for as long as possible, because otherwise I wake up at 5am and cannot go back to sleep no matter how hard I try!
Eventually I drift off, with visions of sugar plumbs dancing around my head!
Lots of love and Christmas Wishes,
H x

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