Blogmas Day 24- How To Get To Sleep On Christmas Eve!

Ho Ho Ho Hello there! It’s nearly here, it’s nearly Christmas!
Today I am bringing you a post dedicated for the best 5 ways I have found to get to sleep nice and early on Christmas Eve, ready for the big man himself to drop down ya chimney!
Let’s go!
1. Jam Pack Your Day
I always make sure I have been super busy all day Christmas Eve so that I am exhausted by the time it comes to bed time, or else I would never sleep at all!
2. Have A Nice Hot Drink Before Bed
I love a good hot chocolate before bed on Christmas Eve (I might even add a little bit of Bailey’s-adults only!).
3. Have A Nice Relaxing Bath/Shower
This is a double wammy because it leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed ready for sleep on Christmas Eve, as well as being refreshed and nice and clean for Christmas Day!
4. Make Sure Your Sheets Are Clean
This always makes my bed feel so much comfier, therefore allowing me to sleep better! I love clean sheets, mm…
5. Listen To Chill Acoustic Versions Of Christmas Songs Whilst You Drift Off
I cannot be the only person who does this, am I?? I love a good acoustic to leave me feeling relaxed, and Christmas acoustics are all the more relaxing on Christmas Eve!
So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post, if so, check out the rest of my Blogmas series! 
Thank you so much for reading this and any other posts you may have read throughout Blogmas!
I hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow with your family and have enjoyed Christmas Eve just as much as I have!
H x

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