Hello there!
One of my favourite things about Christmas is the opportunity to take my time to wrap presents and make them look pretty! So, I have decided to share some tips as to how I get my presents looking pretty!

  • Decide On A Theme

I like to go for a simple brown/red theme for this time of year. So I try to stick to these primary colours for my paper, ribbons and gift tags so that they all match beautifully!

  • Have A Person To Help

You definitely need another person to assist you with wrapping to ensure your paper is tight, otherwise your presents will have lots of excess paper making them look a bit frumpy!

  • Use tape and then the ribbon

Ribbons are great for making presents look fancy but make sure you have actually used tape as well, or they might come open!

  • Find a good shop for paper, cheap but good quality!

I always use Wilkinsons for my paper because I love their designs, it’s cheap but good quality, and they always fit with my theme!
And take your time wrapping!
Let me know if you have any tips of your own in the comments, see you tomorrow!
H x