Blogmas Day 21- My Favourite Christmas Adverts 2016

Hello! Today I’m going to be counting down my favourite Christmas adverts this year! Ok, here we go…
5. Aldi
Although maybe not as meaningful as the rest, I love the style of the Aldi advert and it gives me a good giggle!
Watch it HERE
4. Waitrose
I am not ashamed to say I teared up at this. As for many people, robins hold special significance for me and that gets heightened around Christmas time. Although I’m not sure of the message, this advert definitely got my heart. 
You can watch it HERE
3. Sainsbury’s
Although the animations on this make me feel a little queasy, the song is incredibly catchy and the message is so touching! Well done Sainsbury’s, you’ve done good this year!
Watch it HERE 
2. John Lewis
Every single year the style and message of the John Lewis adverts makes them my favourite. Although I do love this years (and don’t agree with all the negativity it has received) it is just beaten by M&S for me. Sorry John Lewis, I still love you and Buster the Boxer!
You can watch it HERE
1. M&S
I LOVE the M&S advert this year, they have sleighed! (See what I did there?) 
This advert makes me so happy. The brother and sister remind me of me and my brother and I love the message and I love Mrs Claus! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it HERE
So that’s it for this year’s adverts! Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!
H X 

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