Blogmas Day 14- My Favourite Cities For Christmas Shopping!

Welcome back!
Today’s post is all about my favourite 5 cities for Christmas Shopping. In true Life Through TSG style, we’re gonna go in reverse order. Here goes..
5. London
London is one of my favourite places to shop all year round, but it’s too far way for me to just nip for the day! So this means that I would have to book a hotel which is so expensive around Christmas time, hence it taking the number five spot!
4. Manchester
Me and Trafford Centre have a very love-hate relationship. I love the selection of shops there, it is literally like nowhere else I know, but their food options aren’t great, it’s very easy to get lost, it’s very busy, and their staff are pretty rude! Sorry Trafford Centre, I don’t think I’ll be visiting you this year!
3. Lincoln      
I love how traditional the shopping options of Lincoln are, and I love their Christmas Market even more! This is the perfect place for more sentimental or ‘out there’ gifts for Christmas!

2. Sheffield
Meadowhall is just one of my favourite places to shop on this planet. It’s busy, but not as much as Trafford Centre, and it has all of my favourite shops and pretty much every high street shop I desire for Christmas Shopping!
1. York
With more traditional and wacky shops, as well as all of my high street favourites (minus Primark) York is 100% my favourite place in the world for shopping! And with their shops devoted solely to Christmas all year round, it just feels so Christmassy all year round! I cannot wait to go this year!
So there you have it!
If you have any more cities to suggest for Christmas shopping feel free to let me know in the comments!
See you tomorrow,
H x

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