Blogmas Day 12- Top Ten Christmas Films

Alright, this post is gonna be really really hard for me to write because I’m a total film lover and I also love Christmas so, for me, it doesn’t really get much better than Christmas Films!
(Some of these have joint films for the places, because I like way too many films to restrict it to 10 so just had to go over!)
Let’s go in reverse order..
10. Home Alone
The original! I love this film and it reminds me so much of my childhood. I watch it every year without fail and it will always be one of my favourites, I just may have watched it one too many times for it to get any higher in this list!
9. The Santa Clause
This film just reminds me of being at my grandparent’s house watching films on a Sunday afternoon, who doesn’t love Tim Allen in The Santa Clause?
8. Miracle on 34th Street
If there is one Christmas film that reminds me of my childhood, it is this one! To be honest, I don’t really tend to watch it an awful lot now because of major overkill, my mother likes to watch Christmas films and only Christmas films from Halloween onwards, but this will always remain one of my favourites just because of the memories it holds.
7. Nativity
I bloody love this film! It has the perfect balance of comedy, cute children and brilliant songs… It’s just fab!
6. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol
Who doesn’t like the muppets? Your answer better be nobody! This film is musical, which makes it even better, and is just purely fun and light-hearted, with a spot of seriousness. It adds a new, fun, dimension to Dickens’ classic and warms my heart every time.
5. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
And before you shout at me, yes I do like the sequel better than the original, but that might just be to do with the setting! New York is the ultimate setting for any Christmas film and just adds a bit more magic to the story for me.
4. The Holiday
Obviously this is much more of a film that I’ve loved as I’ve grown up, as it’s not particularly for kids, but I love the Holiday. It’s funny, it has great actors, and it has a brilliant storyline- who could possibly ask for more?
3. Love Actually
And another film for the adults! I wanted to watch this film all of December last year but could not find it on Sky, Now TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime (yes, we have them all) and was so gutted! So my boyfriend ordered it for my especially, so now I can watch it whenever I like!
3. The Polar Express
Sharing the number 3 spot with Love Actually is this children’s classic! I actually remember going to see this film at the cinema when it first came out with my parents and brother, so this holds particular special memories for me. I love the magic in this film mainly, who doesn’t love magic?
2. Elf
Ah and we are into the top two (or three in this case because I cannot decide between these ones!). Buddy the Elf is the ultimate Christmas icon for me, I just love Elf. No matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old!
2. It’s A Wonderful Life
And sharing the number 2 spot with Elf, is this ultimate Christmas classic! It’s A Wonderful Life is just so heartbreaking and heartwarming, so wholesome and pure, it just encompasses everything that, to me, Christmas is about, and I could never get bored of watching this film. It’s a Christmas must-watch every year!
1. The Grinch
And number one…. The Grinch!
I love the Grinch and I always have, for as long as I can remember, but I don’t really know why. I don’t have any particular reasons for it being my favourite, it’s just always the last Christmas film that I watch every year on the evening of Christmas Eve (as well as the hundreds of times throughout December) and it’s always the one that makes me feel the most Christmassy!
Thank you for reading Blogmas Day 12, let me know your favourite Christmas films in the comments!
Lots of Christmassy love,

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