Hi there! Whilst I have never done a Secret Santa myself (unfortunately) I do have some ideas of some great gifts which can be small in price, so I decided to write this post for anyone taking part in a Secret Santa or even just looking for good gifts for friends or family for less!
1. Bath Stuff
Lush have some GREAT bath bombs/bars which look good, smell good and do good and they’re always great quality! Although at first this may seem like quite a girly gift, lush caters for and can be enjoyed by everyone, so you cannot go wrong!
2. Boots Gifts (3 for 2)
This is a bit of a cheeky one, but everyone year Boots run a 3 for 2 scheme (which I love) in which you get the cheapest item for free! So if you happen to find two gifts in the range that you like for other people (such as friends, family, partners ect) you could actually get a really nice gift of any value (as long as it is less or the same as the other gifts) for completely free!
3. A Candle
In fact, Poundworld actually have some gorgeous smelling Krispy Kreme Candles (for donut lovers) in at the moment for the price of, you guessed it, just £1!
4. Socks
Every body loves, and needs, socks! I actually count on Christmas every year to provide me with new socks as I never buy any, so you can’t go wrong! Places like Primark have funny ones for cheap, and Topman and Newlook usually run promotions of 2 or 3 pairs for £5!
5. A Mug
Again, everyone needs a mug! You can get some brill, funny mugs for cheap from almost anywhere, Primark, ASDA, Tesco, MenKind and Red5 just to name a few!
6. And if all else fails, my go to present is always a box of their favourite things!
Crisps, chocolate, alcohol, sweets can all be picked up cheaply and can be made to look really pretty in a nice box or basket, it also feels a bit personal as it shows that you know what they like!
Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow!
H x