So, last year, I actually didn’t feel very christmassy right up until Christmas Eve. I think that’s because I let the stress of uni work take over. So, this year, I really wanted to create a bucket list so that I can tick off the christmassy things that I’ve done, and not be sad on Christmas Eve when I realise that I haven’t really built up to the big day! So, here we go…

  • Go To York Christmas Shopping

York is the ultimate christmassy place for me, and if you saw my post last year, you’ll know that it’s my favourite city to shop in for Christmas gifts! Zack and I are trying to arrange a day trip here as we both love it, so I’m really hoping it happens…

  • Have a Christmas Film Day

Sounds simple, but I often do my uni work whilst watching films etc, so I’d like to take a day off for film watching purposes ONLY.

  • Give Back 

You may have seen my Charity Gift guide and know that I am really trying to give back this Christmas. I may even do some volunteering if I can find a local place to do so!

  • Put Out Cookies and Milk For Santa

I forgot to do this last year!!! How bad!!! But, I’m sure my two year old brother will remind me this year…

  • Listen to Christmas Songs

I’m not a massive lover of Christmas songs, I must admit, but last year I actually really missed them after Christmas. I definitely need to listen to them a lot more this year!

  • Go to Lincoln Christmas Market

I am planning to go here again as I love it and every year it really gets me in the Christmas mood!

  • Have a Day of Baking!

Again, if you read my post last year, you’ll know that I always bake on Christmas Eve, it’s just a tradition! So, I’m hoping to spend it baking again this year!
And, that’s it from me! What are you hoping to do more of this Christmas? Let me know in the comments!
H x