Christmas adverts are honestly one of my favourite parts about Christmas. Often, they contain heart warming messages of love and the true meaning of Christmas, it’s the only time of year when I don’t mind watching the Christmas adverts for sure! So, let’s have a look at my top 5 of this year…
5. Debenhams

I like the Debenhams advert. I wouldn’t go as far as love, as it’s not very original is it? Everyone knows the tale of cinderella, it’s not exactly mind blowing, but I do like it and it makes me smile so it deserves this spot.
4. John Lewis

A lot of people said they don’t ‘get’ this advert, but I find it really heartwarming. It’s not my favourite John Lewis ad ever, but it’s something different and it makes me smile every time I watch it.
3. Children’s Hospice Christmas AD

The first time I watched this ad, I couldn’t see I was crying that much. It really hit home for me. But, I’m glad that this advert exists. It’s a reminder that Christmas isn’t always a time of joy for everyone in the world, and that that is okay.
2. Sky Cinema 

An unexpected addition, I must add, but I think the sky cinema ad is really something this chirstmas! I have a huge soft spot for the Sound Of Music as it’s what made me fall in love with musical theatre, so for that reason this advert just gives me super warm fuzzy feelings!

  1. M&S
I LOVE the M&S advert this year! I have loved paddington the bear for so bloody long, and it just seems absolutely perfect to feature him in a Christmas ad! The story is humorous too, and it really makes me feel warm fuzzies and get a little tear in my eye. Snaps for M&S!
So, there we have it! Which Christmas ads are you loving this year? Let me know in the comments!
H x