Blogmas 2017 Day 23: How I Spend My Christmas Day: Our Very Own 4 Christmases!

Hello, hello, hello!
And welcome back to day 23 of blogmas! I cannot believe how quickly this month is going, as if it’s only 2 more sleeps until Christmas Day?! Crazy! Zack and I spent last night at a drive in cinema watching Home Alone, and it was the perfect little treat to get us into the Christmas mood!
Anyway, today I’ve got a post all about how I spend my Christmas Day. Although many people celebrate Christmas Day, a lot of us do it very differently, and I find it so interesting to hear how other people spend theirs! So, I thought why not make a post of it?
So, I entitled this post ‘our very own 4 christmases’ because both Zack and I have split parents, so we essentially have 4 christmases. Having split parents can be hard at the best of times, but it’s especially difficult around Christmas time. However, we’ve just about got our Christmas routine mastered now. So here is a run down of our very hectic Christmas Day, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!
7.30- wake up. We CANNOT sleep any later than this or we will not fit everything for the day in!
8- have breakfast with my mum and brothers and open presents at her house.
9- see my nan and grandad!
9.30- off we pop to Zack’s mums. They will have been up a little while, and we will get to see his grandparents then too.
10.30- now it’s time to visit my dad. He will usually pick us up, along with my nan (his mum) and we will go down to his house for a drink and some snacks, as well as presents!
12- DINNER TIME! Zack and I do this separately because otherwise it just gets REALLY complicated. So I usually have dinner at my nan’s, and Zack at his mum’s or grandma’s.
3- games. My nan loves a good game, and she always plans something silly for us on Christmas day!
5- I get to rejoin Zack! Either meaning that he will come and pick me up, or (if he’s had a little drink) I’ll walk down to his mum’s.
6- off we go to Zack’s dads! We spend Christmas night here watching films, opening presents etc, and it’s really nice!
9- up we get! We spend a few hours with Zack’s dad, and then it’s off to my dad’s for Christmas dinner number 2.
12- we arrive at my dad’s for dinner. It’s nice to have a dinner with my dad every year as it means that I never have to choose between my parents.
4- off to my nans! More games, yay!
8- we go to Zack’s mums now. It’s been an exhausting few days, so it’s time for a nice hot chocolate (hers are legendary) and a cosy film.
So there we have it! How do you spend your Christmas day/ Boxing Day?! I’d love to know!
H x

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