Blogmas 2017 Day 21: Setting The Mood For The Perfect Cosy Evening In

DSC_4480It’s nearly Christmas. It’s cold outside, the decorations are hung, and it’s totally acceptable to watch all of your guilty pleasure Christmas films. What better time to have a cosy night in? Here’s some tips on how to set the mood for the perfect cosy evening!
Fill the room with candles/fairy lights.
This is hands down the easiest way to make a room feel cosy. Candles add warmth and light, and fairy lights just look adorable. I also like to turn on the lights on the tree, as this makes the room feel even more christmassy! Have a fire? Get that lit/turned on too, and settle down for the ultimate cosy evening!
Or maybe even a log burning fire…
If you’ve got a real fire, definitely use it to create the perfect cosy setting! Worried about the mess and smell?! Firemizer* were kind enough to send me this firebuilder as well as their firemizer to trial! The firebuilder promises a faster, fuller, fire every time, as well as needing no kindling! It’s quick and easy to use, and contain no kerosene, so no smell or mess. The firemizer maximises the duration and efficiency of the burn, as well as reducing fuel usage by up to 38%. You simply put it above the base of the fire or grate, and it slows down the air flow to reduce the burn rate of the fuel, as well as preventing small fuel fragments falling through the grate, and conducting heat evenly to ensure all fuel is fully combusted. Essentially, they are proven (by studies at the University of Cambridge, Nottingham as well as in the OMNI test laboratories) to use less fuel and make your fire much more efficient- meaning more time to enjoy your fire, definitely perfect for creating the ULTIMATE cosy setting!
Build A Den
These are not just for kids, dens are the ultimate comfort station! I like to layer blankets on the floor on top of my duvet, add lots of cushions (even the sofa ones!) and relax. Perfect!
Leave The Outside World Outside
Yes, this includes your phone. No checking social media, no calls, no talk of work or stressful topics, the creation of an ultimate no-phone zone really helps to relax properly.
Movie Snacks Are A Must
Popcorn, chocolate, all of your favourite comfort food. Essential for the ultimate cosy night in!
Focus On The Film/Conversation
and nothing else. Let your mind focus on this completely. This is something I often struggle to do, but when I do it is the best and most freeing feeling in the world.
Don’t be afraid to have fun! A cosy night doesn’t necessarily mean a quite one, so if the atmosphere is buzzing and you cannot stop giggling, you’ve achieved the ultimate relaxation zone!
This cosy night in is something I like to do with my fiancé, but something that we do not do enough. The lead up to Christmas can be particularly stressful, so sometimes it’s lovely to have a cosy night, with all of your favourite things, where you can forget about the outside world and just enjoy relaxing!
H x

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