In my family, we love to celebrate Christmas. For us, it’s a time to come together and just spend time with each other, usually accompanied by some good food and one of my nan’s latest silly game ideas (ever since she discovered the internet anyway!). I have some pretty special memories, so I thought I would share them in this blog post!

4. My dad was making dinner one Christmas, and thought he’d be funny and wear an apron with the body of a scantily clad lady on it. You can probably imagine his face when my great grandparents turned up unexpectedly…
3. Carter’s First Christmas! My little brother’s first Christmas was so exciting, and we dressed him up in so many adorable outfits 🙊🙊
2. Something that I’ve never really spoken about on here before, my uncle. My uncle passed away when I was 8, but some of my fondest Christmas memories include him. The man just loved Christmas, and he loved to go OTT with the decorations! One memory in particular that stands out to me is his ‘Santa’s Grotto’. This was his (tiny) bedroom, decorated with as many decorations as he could find! There would be singing and dancing ones, things hanging from the ceiling, and as much tinsel as he could possibly cram into one room. I absolutely loved it!

1. So, some of you may know, that I actually got engaged on Christmas Eve last year. Christmas Eve is actually my favourite day of the year, because I usually spend it baking, visiting family and watching my favourite Christmas films, which are all things that I love! But, last year it was made even more extra special by my engagement. Whilst I was baking, Zack put on a playlist of songs. He said I had to write down the letter that began each of the song titles, e.g. ‘L’ for L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. It was a little complicated, and I’m not going to lie I got a little bit annoyed, but we got there in the end. It spelt LOOK INSIDE OLAF. Olaf was referring to the Olaf ornament I have hanging on my tree. Little did I know, my engagement ring was inside! I wonder how long it had been hanging there for…

What are your favourite Christmas memories? Let me know in the comments.
H x