Autumn; My Very Own New Year

Whenever it rolls around to New Year’s Eve, everyone begins setting resolutions. We get the ‘new year, new me’ people, the ‘new year, same me’ people, and the ‘let’s just get drunk’ people. But, every new year, I don’t feel anything. It doesn’t feel like a new start to me.

Instead, I feel like I have my new start in September when autumn rolls around, and I’ve always felt that way.

See, I’ve always loved autumn because it’s the time when life begins again. You go back to school, the trees lose their leaves, the harvest is brought in. Every year at school we used to have a harvest festival and sing songs and talk about crops, and I used to absolutely love it for reasons that I couldn’t articulate.

But, I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, and I think it’s because I treat autumn like my new year.

It probably started unconsciously academically. I’d set new goals for the school year ahead in September, because it made sense to do it that way.

But, after time, I’ve realised that I always see September as a new start. Even though I didn’t begin university until October this year, September was the start of the ‘fresh’ for me.

And, although I don’t believe that humans can completely change who they are year from year, I think we are just naturally inclined to want to. Every one of us wants to be better at something or to be able to conquer a fear; there’s something that we all want.

So, whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we all have our little goals, even the people who angrily tweet ‘new year, same me’; I see you.

I think the difference is, though, society tells us to bring out these goals on New Year’s Eve. To dust them off from our brain juice (Yes, I did just say brain juice in a blog post) and to implement them.

And, when we inevitably cannot stick to them because we realise that we cannot completely change everything about our lives so suddenly, we are inclined to feel like a failure.

I think the reason that I am so inclined to set goals and have my own (secret) new year in September is because there isn’t that pressure. No one knows apart from me. No one is going to start saying ‘oh the gym is full of those new year new me types’ if I start going in September. No one is going to ask how my resolution is going in a few weeks. No one is going to know if I fail; and it’s liberating.

So if you, like me, want a new start but you don’t want the new year pressure; I encourage you to start in September. It’s the end of summer, the start of the colder seasons, and the time when even nature prepares to begin again- the perfect time for a fresh start, without the pressure.

And if you tell me that you’re going to do this, I won’t tell anyone- I promise!


H x

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