Autumn Favourites 2017

See, I always do these at the beginning of the season, so really it’s more like my favourites from summer. But whatever, we will roll with it.
Basically, this is that post where I tell you what I’ve been loving for the last three months. And, boy, are you in for a treat, because I have been loving soooo many good things this month! Ok, let’s go…

  • CurlME Brush Set from Pro Blo

I was sent this set for use in a video tutorial, and I haven’t stopped using it since! I bloody love it. I’m not going to go into much detail, because I have a whole post AND a video dedicated to it, so, if you so wish, you can see them HERE.

  • Gavin & Stacey

I know, I know, I am very behind with this hype. But season 2 & 3 have come onto Netflix, and I haven’t ever seen it before, so who can blame me for realising how much I’ve been missing?!

  • Wilde Like Me

I’ll be honest, I was unsure whether to buy Louise Pentland’s (aka SprinkleOfGlitter) debut novel. When I love people online, it can get a bit awkward if I buy their book and it’s rubbish, but luckily Louise’s didn’t let me down! It’s fun, heartwarming AND emotional, and I bloody love it. I bow down to you Louise, it really is brilliant!

  • One Pound Meals

Again, I have written a whole post dedicated to this book which you can read HERE. But, basically, it’s a book full of cheap, easy, quick and healthy meals, so it’s a winner for me!

  • Beats Solo3

Now, I am not the type of person to splurge on something like this. I do not use headphones very often, so although beats have always appealed to my eye, I have never purchased them because it seems like a lot of money for something that I tend to lose (oops). However, I took advantage of the Apple Student Deal where a free pair of beats are included in any Mac purchase, so I thought why not?! And, I can say, they are easily the best headphones I have ever owned. The sound clarity through them is beautiful, plus they’re really pretty. Are they worth the price? Probably not. But, if you do use headphones quite a bit and get that earache feeling, these are so comfortable that they don’t really give you that, and they’re wireless which makes them great for editing videos or listening to music on the go.
On that point, I love my new MacBook Pro too, but it seems a bit weird to include that in a favourites!

  • ATypical

This is a new show on Netflix that I decided to watch because the trailer looked fab! It’s about a boy with autism and how this affects his progression into adulthood and dating! It’s a very light hearted show, but it also has some really important themes and there’s definitely knowledge to be taken away from it! I really loved it to be honest.

  • Mermaid Squad PJs

A random thing to feature in a favourites, I know, but I bloody love them. My mum picked these up for me a few weeks ago from Peacocks, and I just love the black with the almost rose gold glittery writing, plus they have scales and they’re mermaid themed, could these be any better?!

  • Blush Pink

Ok, yes this is a colour. I feel like I’m infamous for putting colours in my favourites, or maybe no one even notices. Anyway, I’m love-love-LOVING blush pink right now. And, accidentally, everything I buy seems to be this colour… oops…

  • Sweet Chilli Snack-A-Jacks

These might JUST be the best thing since sliced bread! I could eat these pretty much 24/7 they are just SO nice!

  • BH Cosmetics Brushes

As part of my new effort to become cruelty free, I’ve been looking for replacements for many of my cosmetics. Step forward BH Cosmetics! I actually snagged this set in T K Maxx for £5.99 after realising the brushes looked good AND they were leaping bunny certified, yay! And they haven’t let me down. I am officially a BH Cosmetics convert 🙌🏻.

And that’s everything that I’ve been loving so far this season! What are you loving? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading.
H x

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