Autumn 2018 Capsule Look Book

Look books are some of my favourite posts to write, read and shoot, but something that I’ve been considering lately is how much that promotes fast fashion, and I’m not a fan of promoting that.

So, instead, this autumn I’ve been looking into items that I haven’t worn in years and attempting to style them in different ways. I have bought a few new pieces, but I’ve kept in mind versatility and wearability, as I would really like to get to a stage where I have a capsule wardrobe.

This post is a mix of old and new, and because of that I definitely couldn’t find the links to all of the items! But, instead, I’m going to create a widget with a choice of similar items to suit every price point. These probably won’t be identical, but they will be ‘inspired’ in a sense, and I hope that it inspires to you dig down deep into your wardrobe of autumn’s past, or even to purchase a few new versatile items to last for years to come!

Now that the boring explanation is over, let’s get into the looks.

Look One

So the boots and blazer that I’m sporting in this look have been a part of my wardrobe for quite a while! The blazer is H&M from approximately 4 years ago, and the boots are last year’s F&F. Both are staple pieces that I feel really tie the outfit together, and I’m glad that I have them in the wardrobe!

The top was bought this summer because I simply couldn’t resist the tortoise button trend, although I think that it works great for autumn too! It’s basic but cute and goes with pretty much anything, yay.

The jeans were a spontaneous buy thanks to the enabler that is Hannah Gale. They were actually on sale when I bought them though, so I don’t feel as guilty, plus I’m definitely going to be getting some wear out of them for years to come! I love the raw edges and don’t own any jeans like these, so they fit into my wardrobe nicely.

And, finally, the earrings are from peacocks. They were a gift from my mum, and I adore how cute they are! Adding earrings to change up an outfit is becoming one of my favourite ways to accessorise. 

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Look Two

So this jumpsuit is a brand new addition and, again, an impulse buy. It is from Savannah Miller’s Nine collection at Debenhams, and was on sale for £12! An absolute bargain, for sure.

It’s floaty, comfortable and the perfect colour for autumn!

This is one of those pieces that is a real stand out, and can be dressed up or down. I have worn this with some of my favourite heels for special occasions, and with my Nike Air Force 1s for a more casual, every day look! I’m going to include a widget with some heels that I have/would pair it with too, just in case you need some inspiration!

The earrings, again, are another gift from my mum from peacocks. She knows that I love a good pair of statement earrings so always picks them up for me whilst they’re on sale!

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This jumpsuit is currently sold out, but here’s the link in case it comes back in stock! Click here. UPDATE: it’s back in stock in sizes 8-20!!




Look Three

This jumper is from I saw it first and it’s currently out of stock, but here’s the link in case it comes back in!

I love how slouchy this jumper is, and that’s the main reason that I just HAD to have it for throwing on for university days! It also pairs perfectly with pretty much anything.

I’ve put it with this skirt which I love! I actually got it as a gift last Christmas, and I’ve been excited to wear it again for the autumn time. 

I also was hoping to pair this with some ankle boots but, I couldn’t find any and I walked 1.4 miles for this shot so they would not have been the most practical option.





Look Four

I picked this blouse up in the Topshop sale, and I’m really glad that I did! It is actually supposed to fasten in the middle but my boobs didn’t fit in that, lol, so I chopped it and safety pinned in back together to make it work for me.

I originally planned to wear this with black culottes but couldn’t find them when I was getting ready, so opted for a simple black skirt instead. I would also pair this with some leopard print flats, for a daytime look!

You can shop the actual blouse here!






What do you think of my autumn capsule wardrobe? Obviously for the sake of this post I’ve only shown each item once, but I will definitely be mixing and matching everything!


H x

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