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Stop Being A Hate-Follower.

Just stop. I would rather have no followers than have hate followers. So, let’s dive into this social media created phenomenon. What is a Hate-Follower? A hate follower is when you follow someone just to dislike their content. Maybe not consciously, maybe you don’t realise you’re doing it, but a casual eye roll or even …


Croatia 2019 Photo Diary

Although they don’t include a lot of writing, photo diaries are some of my favourite posts to read! It’s cheesy but a picture really does say a thousand words about someone’s holiday/experience, and I also think it’s a lovely way to document it. So, here are all of the photos I took from my recent …


The ‘Just Ignore It’ Mentality

Do you know what I am absolutely sick of seeing online? Replies that say ‘just ignore it’. Replies to someone who has a problem that feels really big to them.Replies to someone who has turned to the internet with their problem. Replies to someone who is asking for help. And, do not get me wrong, …