A Whole New Hair Routine

I feel like hair is the under appreciated older sister of the beauty blogging world.

We don’t talk about it enough. In fact, I don’t even think about it enough.

Okay, so let’s go on a little journey. 

Rewind back 9 years. 11 year old me had just started going through puberty. Everything was getting greasier; my hair, my skin, you know the drift. 

I’d always washed, dried and straightened my hair twice a week for my whole entire life, and had never really given it much more thought than that.

I remember (VIVIDLY) being stood in line for class one day and a boy being like ‘OMG EWWWW YOUR HAIR IS SO GREASY!!’. I felt hum-il-i-at-ed and vowed to myself that I’d never let my hygiene ‘slip’ like that again.

And, thus is began, I started washing my hair every day, as well as drying and straightening it.

And then when I got to the age of 14ish, I realised that this wasn’t sustainable. It was a real pain in the ass to be washing and drying my hair every day, so I started to sleep with it wet and straighten it in the morning.

And then when I got to the age of 16ish I realised that straightening it every day was taking it’s toll on my hair too, so I started to wash it every day, sleep with it wet, and walk around sporting my natural frizz for ever more; or so I thought.

Earlier this year, I decided that I had had enough of this. My hair always felt disgusting, looked a mess and untidy, and I didn’t want to look that way any more. I wanted to have healthy looking hair and I wanted to be able to wash it twice a week again.

I gave myself a hair-tervention and decided that summer was the time to make a change.

I settled for a routine of washing, drying and straightening/curling/styling my hair once every three days. Sure, at first, it was horrible. My hair looked and felt disgusting in-between washes and I wasn’t a fan. But, after a few weeks of persevering, that changed completely.

My hair started to actually feel nice and clean, cleaner then when I wash washing it every day. The product build up on my scalp also improved massively, and my hair started to look better!

After a good cut, I found styling it super easy, and actually began to love how it felt on the second day after washing the most, which I never thought I’d do.

I also haven’t dyed it for 5 months now. I have had it dyed every 2 months (at a push) for the last 7 years, but I recently decided to stop because the colour that I want it to be is actually really similar to my natural colour! So I’ve decided to let my natural colour grow through, and maybe have some warm toned highlights in the future if I want to warm it up a little bit. 

I’ve always hated my hair. As a child I absolutely loved it, but as an adult I’ve always hated it. But, I’m learning to love it again, and that’s definitely giving me more confidence in myself!

I haven’t been using much by way of products, but I have been using Clynol Wonder 10 Hair Treatment before I dry my hair every time, which gives it some protection from the heat and leaves it feeling silky. I’ve also been using dry shampoo if it needs a little boost in-between washes. I’ve been using sanctuary spa’s hair exfoliant on Sundays too, to remove any unwanted product build up!

If you’re hating your hair too, I hope that this post is the little nudge you needed to change it up a bit!


H x

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