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A Level Survival Cheat Sheet

Hey! So many of you already know that I have recently finished my A Levels. To be honest, it was an exhausting time of my life and I didn’t really enjoy it, but I did find ways to enjoy it. So, I’ve decided to compile these ways into a blog post, think of it as a ‘Cheat Sheet’.
Do every single bit of work your teachers give you
This sounds like a bore, but they give you the work for a reason. A Levels are rewarding only when you get as much as you can out of them, so that includes doing as much work as possible.
Have frequent breaks- especially on free days
But don’t try to constantly work and work and work, you will tire yourself out eventually!
But don’t spend too long on your breaks!
Little and often, 10 minutes break per hour is how I like to work, some like more, some like less.
Aim to do all compulsory work in your free periods
I used free periods to do all of my compulsory homework, coursework and anything else I was told I HAD to do. This meant any free time I had at home could be spent on extra revision or reading for the topics- which meant I didn’t spend too much time out of school doing work!
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
Don’t apply for a university who wants AAA if you’re getting DDD all year. You might do better in your real exams, but there’s always adjustment for that scenario, in the meantime you’re just putting additional pressure on yourself which you really really do not need!
Be realistic
My teachers were telling me that I should be revising for 4 hours per night. Realistically with dancing and working and chilling out, I knew this wasn’t possible for me! So I spent 4 hours on work 3 times a week, and this managed to work out really well for me!
Choose subjects you love!!!!!!!!!!!
This seems like a no-brainer, but it is honestly the most important. A Levels are a horrendous amount of work and even if you do the work, if you don’t love a subject it shows! I left my sixth form this year with A* A C, which I’m really proud of. But my C has lost me £1,000 at university (because it’s not a B) and, although I had many other problems with my psychology teacher which contributed to this grade massively, I also couldn’t get any higher than a C no matter how hard I worked because the subject just simply wasn’t for me!
Similarly, my A* was in English Language which last year I liked and got a B, but was told this year it would be unlikely I was even going to get an A because I wasn’t passionate. I found a passion for English Language and really really hoped it would gain me an A, and on results day I could not have been happier if I tried to learn that I got an A*! This is all simply from just doing extra work and, I’m not showing off here, but honestly getting an A* at A Level is incredibly difficult even with an A at AS, so the fact that I came from a B to an A* actually amazes me, I didn’t expect it whatsoever and didn’t even know it was possible!
And good luck!! Seriously, that common room coffee machine is gonna become your best friend.
H x

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