Dear Spring,
You officially begin on Tuesday, and I’m rather excited. After a long, long, lonnnnnnnnng, dark winter (why is it still snowing in March?), I simply cannot wait for you to bring your sunshine.
I’m maybe not as desperate for you this year as I was last year spring, as this year I am in a pretty good place. But last spring was such a lovely time for me, so naturally I am super excited for you this year.
Please bring about the growth and new beginnings that you promise. My personal growth has really taken off this winter, so I’m really hoping that it continues through to your season too.
I have a few goals that I want to complete during your season Spring, so I thought I would share them in this post.
Number 1
Take a break this Easter
Christmas was so hectic with uni work, that I didn’t really get to take a real break. And, I got very ill after this, and so was kind of forced to take a break because of how ill I was. This could’ve been avoided if I’d have just had a little rest over Christmas, so I definitely know now that I need to take Easter break as an actual break (not all of it of course) and rest.
Number 2
Go somewhere new 
I don’t know where, but Zack and I have a few plans for little days out, and I’m really hoping that we manage at least one of them this season!
Number 3
See my school friends
This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but as I am the only one who has moved away from home for university, it’s a little difficult as when I am home my friends tend to be working. However, I am going to make it my mission to have a catch-up with them this season as I really need it!
Number 4
Read a book for fun
As an English student, course books can quickly take over my life. I really need to remember that I do actually love reading and read one of the books on my ever-growing ‘to read’ list.
Number 5
Learn to cook some new meals
My cooking skills blossomed over Summer, but since I’ve been back at uni I’m afraid that I’ve been sticking to the same meals that I can make easily and know I love. I want to take a few more risks this season and try out some new recipes, as the same-old is getting a little boring now!
Thanks for listening to me Spring, I cannot wait for you to begin already!
What are your goals for this spring?
Let me know in the comments!
H x