Dear Z,
You don’t read my blog, so who knows if you’ll actually ever read this? But, in my letter series, many of the letters have been deeply emotional but also, in a way, negative. It didn’t seem right to me to have a letter series without including a letter to you, and I am also hoping that this one may be slightly more positive than the others.
Where to start?
I love you, but you know that. But you taught me how to love. Seriously, even though you were my first love, I thought I knew what love was. But the love that you’ve taught me, honestly, is beyond anything I could have imagined.
I view you as being such a pure person, but I think that’s just because of the purity and light you bring to my life. There’s something so innocently fun about you and, even though I have matured whilst I have been with you, obviously as we’ve been together since we were 13, I’ve also learnt when it’s okay to be immature. And, when it’s okay to let go a little bit and just live.
My brain doesn’t work like yours, you know that. So, before you, I really didn’t know how to be spontaneous. I had to plan the simplest of things down to fine detail and worry about every single outcome involved. To an extent, I still do that now. But you’ve taught me that I don’t always have to, and it’s okay to let loose a little sometimes.
Honestly, I couldn’t imagine anyone in this world being better for me than you. I know how incredibly cheesy that sounds, but, as well as all of the things you’ve taught me about having a relationship, you’ve also taught me so much about myself.
The things we have been through together, already, show me that we can face anything in this world together. I am just so excited to marry you and I wish it were sooner, because I really cannot wait to spend a whole day celebrating our love and our relationship.
You saved me Z, you know that. I mean, I saved me, but your support is really what pulled me through. You know absolutely everything about me and I really feel as though I have given my soul to you.
I’m a romantic, I always have been. But I also have a very good way of knowing when something’s real.
I cannot wait to marry you and to begin the rest of our lives together.
H x