So this was originally a thread on twitter (and it’s still there) but it was suggested to me to record it on my blog too. It makes sense really as threads are often lost on twitter, so just in case anyone ever wants to find it again, here’s a summary of my charity alternative to Zoe’s £50 12 day calendar!

1. A Charity bauble to remember a loved one

2. Who actually needs confetti?! You could donate £2 to this wonderful charity that provide hospitalised children with birthday boxes instead!

3. A cookie cutter to help the hedgehogs!

4. Stickers profiting children in need

5. Do you really need another makeup bag?!

You could donate £2 to this wonderful charity who provide bags of ‘hugs’ to those touched by breast cancer

6. A candle! This one’s my favourite!

This company donate food to starving orphaned children

7. Room Spray, this one protects the world heritage fund, which cares for over 400 historic monuments, buildings and sites in England.

8. A pen!!

9. A Key ring, just £1 and benefits the Alzheimers Society!

10. Do you really need another cookie cutter?! Why not use your hedgehog to bake some cookies and sell them for charity?

11. A Note pad! This one is pretty AND benefits Marie Curie

12. Who needs another frigging candle?! You could donate £2 to this charity which help fights children’s cancer!

AND AFTER ALL OF THAT (provided my questionable maths is correct) you’ll have spent a grand total of £41.28, £8.72 LESS THAN A ZOELLA CALENDAR!!!! And you’ll have really helped out some charities this Christmas 🙂