You’re a veggie, you’ve chosen not to eat meat, that’s your choice, end of, you’d think? But, you’d be very very wrong. Being a vegetarian comes with some (ignorant) questions and hilarious predicaments, so here is a list of five of the situations that I’ve encountered recently!
1. The ‘So, what made you want to become a vegetarian?’ Question
This one is a classic. Yes, I do understand that you may just be genuinely interested, but do you know how many times I get asked this? And, if I’m honest, I don’t even really have a straight answer without lunging into a moral rant. So, I’ll just say something about not liking meat or the treatment of animals and hope you shut up.
2. The awkward conversation: ‘Would you like a haribo?’ ‘No thank you’ ‘Why not?’ ‘I can’t eat them, I’m a vegetarian’ *Confused Expression*
This is my pet hate. So many things contain gelatine, and that is a product that involves the death of an animal in order to harvest, so I ain’t about that. Sorry, but no. Please educate yourself on vegetarianism.
3. The pet hate question: ‘Do you eat fish?’
NO. NO I DO NOT EAT FISH. I am a VEGETARIAN. Someone who doesn’t eat meat but does eat fish is a pescatarian, please learn the difference.
4. Feeling like you’re a problem: ‘I’ve made *insert meat* for dinner, hope this is ok’.
Ok, so maybe you didn’t know that I was a vegetarian, but now I am faced with a very difficult situation. Do I turn down your offer of food and sit hungry? Do I go against my morals and eat it? Do I compromise and eat the meat free options (likely to be potatoes and veg, yum)? Very problematic.
5. The most ignorant question in the world: ‘Don’t you miss steak?’ (Or insert other meat variety)
NO. NO I DO NOT. I do not miss eating meat. I don’t eat it because I don’t agree with where it comes from, so why would I miss it? I don’t understand why you would possibly think that, other than ignorance.
Are you a vegetarian? Can you relate to these situations? What are you forever being asked? Let me know in the comments!
H x