5 Situations That All Vegetarians Have Been In

You’re a veggie, you’ve chosen not to eat meat, that’s your choice, end of, you’d think? But, you’d be very very wrong. Being a vegetarian comes with some (ignorant) questions and hilarious predicaments, so here is a list of five of the situations that I’ve encountered recently!
1. The ‘So, what made you want to become a vegetarian?’ Question
This one is a classic. Yes, I do understand that you may just be genuinely interested, but do you know how many times I get asked this? And, if I’m honest, I don’t even really have a straight answer without lunging into a moral rant. So, I’ll just say something about not liking meat or the treatment of animals and hope you shut up.
2. The awkward conversation: ‘Would you like a haribo?’ ‘No thank you’ ‘Why not?’ ‘I can’t eat them, I’m a vegetarian’ *Confused Expression*
This is my pet hate. So many things contain gelatine, and that is a product that involves the death of an animal in order to harvest, so I ain’t about that. Sorry, but no. Please educate yourself on vegetarianism.
3. The pet hate question: ‘Do you eat fish?’
NO. NO I DO NOT EAT FISH. I am a VEGETARIAN. Someone who doesn’t eat meat but does eat fish is a pescatarian, please learn the difference.
4. Feeling like you’re a problem: ‘I’ve made *insert meat* for dinner, hope this is ok’.
Ok, so maybe you didn’t know that I was a vegetarian, but now I am faced with a very difficult situation. Do I turn down your offer of food and sit hungry? Do I go against my morals and eat it? Do I compromise and eat the meat free options (likely to be potatoes and veg, yum)? Very problematic.
5. The most ignorant question in the world: ‘Don’t you miss steak?’ (Or insert other meat variety)
NO. NO I DO NOT. I do not miss eating meat. I don’t eat it because I don’t agree with where it comes from, so why would I miss it? I don’t understand why you would possibly think that, other than ignorance.
Are you a vegetarian? Can you relate to these situations? What are you forever being asked? Let me know in the comments!
H x

0 thoughts on “5 Situations That All Vegetarians Have Been In

  1. This post is ooohhh sooooo relatable, Hayley! I haven’t even been veggie for that long and already, some of these questions are starting to grate on me haha! Having to justify my choice not to eat meat does get annoying, and people are surprised that I’m veggie when they learn that I live on a pig farm back in Suffolk, but at the end of the day it’s my choice so I don’t think what my Dad happens to do for a living really makes much difference! “Do you eat fish?” is seriously annoying, and so are people who call themselves veggie but still eat salmon / prawns etc – THAT’S NOT VEGETARIAN! It’s great that vegetarianism and veganism is becoming more mainstream and that good options that cater for those diets are now widely available in restaurants!
    Abbey ๐Ÿ‚

  2. I had the sweets comment only yesterday! I was like “i’m okay with my Percy Pigs thank you” ๐Ÿ˜› Although on a side note, i had the best revelation last week – the new PERCYMAS sweets in M&S are VEGGIE!!!
    Bumble & Be

  3. I’m not vegetarian but I can see how these questions can be really annoying especially about missing meat or people making dinners with meat in them. My friend was vegetarian for ages, he’s now vegan but he used to talk about a lot of the points you have mentioned here!

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