5 Of My Controversial Dislikes

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I thought this post would be quite fun to be honest. In this world, there’s a lot of expectations of what you should and shouldn’t like and it bugs me, like a lot. There’s so many times when I wish I could just tweet things but twitter often leads to petty arguments rather than actual discussions so I thought I’d open the floor here on 5 things that I dislike but am scared of saying I dislike on twitter because they’re controversial. Ok, let’s go..
1. Emma Watson
Shock horror. I don’t hate Emma Watson, I’m not sure I even really dislike her, I just don’t get her. People like to pioneer her as a feminist but I’m just not so sure. She just seems a little transparent to me, and I’m not too sure why!
2. Cream Eggs
I’m sorry, I just really don’t like them. They’re difficult to eat and unnecessarily messy as well as being sickly and packed with sugar. Just not my favourite thing about Easter unfortunately!
3. Orange Is The New Black
There, I said it. I gave this show two entire seasons to get better and, it just didn’t. Personal taste I’m afraid!
 4. Taylor Swift
Again, I just don’t get it. She’s not my favourite egg. I don’t mind her music, some of her songs I actually like, but I’m just unsure about her…
5. Avocado
I know it’s a ‘good fat’ and it looks good on toast with a poached egg for an insta pic, but other than that I just don’t see the appeal. Sorry!
So there we go! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you did and I may even do a ‘list of controversial things that I do like’ as that could be pretty interesting too!
H x 

8 thoughts on “5 Of My Controversial Dislikes

  1. Fair dos. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and shout he able to express that without being argued about. We love avocados but weren’t not going to fight you for it unless it was personal but yeah, preach it!
    Jessica & James |

  2. I do agree that voicing your opinions on Twitter can just lead to unnecessary drama at times! 😂 I like Emma Watson as an actress, but not so much as a feminist – her comments on Beyonce posing semi nude really made me question her intersectionality with her feminism! I’m also not a big creme egg lover, they’re just too sickly for me! Avocados are BAE though, but I’m sure we can agree to disagree there 😉
    Abbey 💖

  3. I completely agree with the last two on this list!
    I kinddda like Emma Watson, but mainly because she was Hermione, haha! And Creme Eggs are THE BEST. I love them. (I swear they used to be a lot better though.) I watched Orange is the New Black religiously for the first couple of series, but I’ve lost interest in it now. I haven’t finished the newest series!

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