5 Controversial Likes I Have

Hello! After the, sort of, success of my post where I spoke of the 5 controversial dislikes I have (which you can read HERE), I decided to do the same but for things that I do like that others possibly don’t! So, without further-a-do, let’s begin the list!
1. Twilight
Okay, so even though I said in a recent post that I have a few issues with Bella Swan, this series is what really began my love of literature, no matter how badly written it is. This is probably the reason I am doing the degree I am now so I just struggle to hate it!
2. Makeup Revolution
They’ve taken a real beating from the beauty blogging world recently for duping some of the bigger brands, but I actually love that they make similar products much more affordable and accessible for everyone. I fail to see how it’s any different from Primark imitating Chanel.
3. Suicide Squad
This got awful reviews but I absolutely loved it, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to! I’m not a huge fan of superhero films but Z is so we went to watch it and I was definitely pleasantly surprised.
4. The Kardashians
There, I said it. There’s just something about reality TV that is really appealing to me and the Kardashians are definitely my favourite reality show to watch, aside from TOWIE of course!
5. 50 Shades Of Grey
I’m a little scared about admitting this one, the haters are brutal when it comes to slating these books/films. I enjoy the storyline and the uniqueness of these books/films, you can’t say they didn’t start a trend and provide many women with the ability to explore their sexuality a little more, despite what your views are on anything else about them.
And that’s all for today! I’d love to know your controversial likes/dislikes in the comments, or maybe you could even do your own post!
Thanks for reading!
H x

8 thoughts on “5 Controversial Likes I Have

  1. I must say, I’m not a big fan of any of these! Okay, Twilight can be my guilty pleasure – I read all the books and sometimes I get a massive urge to watch the first film (the rest are a bit rubbish!). I’ve never seen Suicide Squad or heard much about Makeup Revolution so can’t really comment on those. But I’m sorry to say, I’m on the side that really hates 50 Shades hahah. But it’d be so boring if we all liked the same things! 😀

  2. I’m definitely on your side on the Makeup revolution debate, there’s really not much wrong with them making cheaper dupes, it makes the kind of makeup accessible for all! I also really enjoyed Suicide Squad (Margot Robbie is incredible)! Thanks for sharing, I love posts like this!
    Abbey 🌸

  3. I have no particular opinion about any of these things to be honest! It’s fine to like whatever you want to like, and I’m fine with it too as long as it’s not in my face if I’m uncomfortable about it. Like I’m very uncomfortable with the content of 50SOG so I don’t want to see any of it on my feed, but I honestly don’t have a problem if there are people out there who do like it! Everyone has their preferences 🙂

  4. Can’t say I agree with most of these (sorry!) I mean don’t get me know I love Twilight and Fifty Shades when I’m in the mood to watch something mindless but I find that the inner feminist in me ends up getting too frustrated at them haha! I love finding dupes though, especially as a student.
    Joelle x

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