Hello again, and welcome back to my blog!
If you follow me on social media, you may be aware that today is actually the first anniversary of my blog, LifeThroughTSG is one year old! So, to mark the occasion, I thought I would share some of the things that my blog has brought me over the last year!

I am not the type to have massive friendship groups, I can be quite untrusting and I’m just simply not outgoing enough to maintain lots of friendships. However, blogging has brought me more friends than I ever expected, and true friends too, as cheesy as it sounds. I know I have friends through blogging, some of which I’ve never even met in real life, whom I can chat to and tell pretty much anything without being judged, and that’s pretty damn special. 

I have said it so many times but I will say it again, I didn’t start blogging for the opportunities. In fact, blogging has brought me more opportunities than I ever expected! It really has enabled me to do things I would have never even have thought of, and I just love that doing what I love allows me to try so many new things!

Now, this is something I really didn’t expect to come from this. I always thought I was quite confident in my writing, but I knew I was not in so many aspects of my life. However, recently I re-visited a park that I first visited a few months into blogging. The first time I visited, I was shy and completely did not believe in my abilities. I wouldn’t talk to my snapchat camera, I was embarrassed taking photos on my iPhone, I wouldn’t pose, hell, I wouldn’t even take a selfie! Although I loved the images that I got that day at the time, and still do now, my face isn’t in a single one of them! I was shy, and terrified what people who I didn’t even know would think of me! When I re-visited the park, I took photos on my camera boldly. I chatted with the locals, smiled and laughed. I took public outfit photos and laughed WITH people about my silly poses. I danced around, sang, and even updated my Instagram story! I wore heels, yes, to a park, because I wanted to take outfit pictures, and I didn’t even think about what others would think. I was happy, and I felt free. I felt like I could publically do what I love without having to be embarrassed about it.

Blogging has also enabled me to begin a youtube channel, something I could only dream of this time last year!
Blogging has improved my confidence in a way I just couldn’t predict. In fact, it sounds a little dramatic, but it has actually improved so many different areas of my life! It’s improved me, and given me a fresh love for life!
So, I guess what I am saying is that I am so glad that, one year ago today, I opened up this little wordpress account with 0 followers and began to write.
So here’s to one year LifeThroughTSG! Thank you for all you’ve brought and taught me, it’s safe to say that that glass isn’t so tear stained after all.
H x