(Bath as in the place. This is not one of those Youtube challenges where I spend 24 hours in the bath. Although, I actually think I’d be pretty good at that as long as I had a good book and some snacks.)

If you follow me on instagram, you may know that me and Zack went to Bath in Somerset this weekend. Bath is actually the city in which Zack and I are getting married next year, so the main purpose of our trip was wedding plans. However, we stumbled across some great views/finds on the way so I thought, why not write a blog post? So, here is a summary of our 24 hours in Bath, including instagram locations, where we stayed and places that I still want to visit.

Where We Stayed

(Not sponsored/gifted/press – I just loved the hotel!).

We actually didn’t decide to stay over until the Thursday, giving us very little time to find somewhere. Luckily, we dropped on with The Bear- a lovely little hotel above a pub/restaurant located just a 15 minute walk from Bath city centre! Not only was The Bear UBER affordable, the price also included breakfast and there was a car park so it was certainly a win-win.

We opted for a double room and were allocated ‘The Shakespeare’ (all of their rooms are named after writers- an English students dream/nightmare depending on the point in term!). And, the room certainly took me by surprise! It was clean, well-presented and had a loft-style industrial chic that worked so well against the town backdrop. Additionally, there was a private bathroom with toilet, sink and the most amazing walk in rainfall shower- I could have stayed in there all day!

The pub/hotel in general had a really warm and welcoming vibe, with board games and books available to borrow and a chilled out atmosphere complete with candles in the main pub area. I was marginally concerned about the pub below being noisy/rowdy, but it really wasn’t and I managed to get a lovely nights sleep! I did, however, get woken up in the morning from traffic noise as this hotel is located fairly close to busy roads, but, to be honest, I have had the same in hotels at a much higher price point so I can’t really complain.

Photo of room

Honestly? I would recommend The Bear to anyone. In fact- I have! Our friends/family are all travelling to Bath for our wedding next year, so I have let them know about this lovely little place. If you wanna book this hotel or any other hotel through Booking.com, you can CLICK HERE to get £15 off!*

Where We Went

Bath Lookout

photo of me standing in front of the lookout of Bath

Another lucky stumble. When we arrived at our hotel, it was still early in the evening so we decided to go for a little walk and explore the area. Little did we know, we would stumble across Bath Lookout in Alexandra Park and create one of my favourite photos in a long time!

photo of the lookout of Bath

This lookout gives you a breath-taking view of the whole city, and I honestly could have stood staring at it for hours. It is the perfect place to stop and take in the beauty of Bath from afar, and I would definitely recommend a visit.

View of Royal Crescent

photo of me in front of Royal Cresent (a row of terraced houses that curves around a green area)

This one was actually planned. I have seen these beautiful houses lined up on so many instagrams – I just had to pay them a visit! They look almost unreal in real life, like something from a movie set, and the view is based in a little park in front, so is the lovely place for a walk around/a picnic!

The Roman Baths

How could we not pay these a visit?! Okay, okay, disclaimer: I didn’t actually go inside. We were short on time and it wasn’t something that I wanted to rush around, but I am definitely planning on looking at the interior of this magnificent building next time I go!

Pulteney Bridge

Zack really wanted to go here, so of course, we did! It was really lovely and one of my highlights, actually, as we walked down from the bridge alongside the moat and got to see Bath from a different view point. Zack did comment that the ship dock reminded him of the Les Mis film (if you know, you know), but other than that, the view was certainly pretty!

Again, we were short on time so didn’t get to explore everything here, but there are a few coffee shops located on/alongside the bridge and we noted that we definitely want to head there for coffee and cake to take in the view a bit more next time.

This is also located just alongside Palace Gardens where we were gonna head for a quick photo in front of the blossom tree. However, we didn’t realise that you have to pay to go into the gardens and decided that, on this occasion, the ‘gram wasn’t worth it. To be honest, I completely understand that costs are involved in the maintenance of these gardens etc, but they are not very big at all so the charge seems a little unjustified.

What I Want To Do Next Time

Next time that I am in Bath, I really want to go inside The Roman Baths and eat/drink in one of the coffee shops alongside Pulteney Bridge. I also want to visit the Jane Austen Museum (we didn’t have time this time unfortunately!) and explore more of the gardens.

Have you ever been to Bath? What are your favourite things to do/see?


H x

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