The Muddling of Midsize

Before I start this post, I wanna start with a lil’ disclaimer. I hate having to do these but I also absolutely 100% want to get across that I do not intend to purposefully offend or upset anyone by this post. I know that there are many battles that we’ve… View Post

21 Things I’ve Learnt in 21 Years

It’s ma birthday, it’s ma birthday and that means… The obligatory blog post! I probably won’t do one of these every year because, wow, I don’t know if I can, but 21 seems like an age to be marked. It’s a bit scary, actually, that after this birthday my next… View Post

The ‘Clothes But No Clothes’ Mentality

How many times do you find yourself looking at a wardrobe full of stuff yet saying ‘I have nothing to wear’? I know I do. And, I know that this is such a cliche. It’s something that other people like to make fun of people like us for, claiming we’re… View Post