Learning To Care A Little Less With The Help Of PNK Lettuce*

If there’s one thing that I am really bad at in life, it’s caring too much. I care about everything and everyone, even people I don’t know. And, it’s nice to care. But, often, caring becomes worrying for me. I find myself worrying about other people’s lives far too often.… View Post

Weekly 6; Everyone has a bad week sometimes…

Getting Over My Fear Of The Gym

If you follow me on socials or watch my vlogs (you totally should), then you will probably know that I have been going to the gym quite a lot recently. I’ve been going around 5 times a week and, even though I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, I’m… View Post

The Difference Between Fashion and Style; And Finding My Own

I’ll be honest, I’ve said it time and time again, look books are some of my favourite posts to create. I’ve always loved keeping up with fashion, whether it’s through magazines, instagram, or polyvore (god bless those teen years). But, as a blogger, I always feel a little worried when… View Post

A Day In The Life Of An English Student

This is a post that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how exactly to do it! See, as a student of a subject like English, your days can certainly be very varied. But, today is Monday (my busiest day of the week) and… View Post