Netflix and Pay Those Bills; A Guide To Shows/Films To Have On In The Background When Working

As someone who always has to have background noise, no matter if I’m writing a blog post or writing my dissertation (which YES I should be doing right now but I’m not, okay?!), I have come across many shows/films that just don’t work in the background, but I have also… View Post

The Wedding Diaries; Saying ‘Yes’ To The Dress!

I’ve finally experienced the joy of wedding dress shopping and, can I just say, I am not a fan. I expected the sizing to be very off, and I expected to have difficulties, but bloody hell Nora. Okay, so in the first shop I went in, I was told that… View Post

Adulting 101; What I've Learnt

Being only 20 years old, I am relatively new to adulting. As well as being new to it, I am also not great at it. I do believe that, in some ways, I started adulating before my 18th birthday, though. It’s not like you suddenly wake up and you’re 18… View Post

Anxiety Update; A Supeeeeer LDR And Moving Back To Doncaster (For The Summer)

Whenever summertime rolls around, I always feel my anxiety breathe a hugeeeee sigh of relief. The term is over, exams are over, and I can finally relax and re-couperate for a while. However, this summer has been significantly different because, in case you haven’t seen any of my approximately one… View Post